Seafood is one of the most famous cuisines and almost everyone who visits the beaches wants to try seafood. But it has often been noted that the seafood cuisine does not suit everyone. But those who love seafood, they would absolutely love the seafood restaurants in Pretoria. The seafood restaurants in Sandton are also worth every penny. Who would not want to grab a lip-smacking snack after bathing in the sun or playing on the beach? Pretoria is one of the best places to hang out and soak up under the sun, but it comes with a little piece of heaven. That is the seafood joints running along the coast of Pretoria beaches. So let’s get down to the top stars in the menu and find out which would worth your investments.

Whitebait and Calamari

The first dish that comes along is Whitebait and Calamari. Whitebait is mostly known as small fish that are cooked with a range of ingredients. This special dish is fish coated in paprika dusting and served hot with romesco mayo. So basically it is fish fried in spice and flour and served with the tastiest mayo in any seafood restaurant in Pretoria. A magical combination indeed!

Mussels with Mediterranean Sauce

So there are a lot of people who do not like mussels. One simple reason is that the cleaning of mussels is really tough and not a lot of restaurant employees clean mussels before cooking. But this will not be the case here. The mussels is thoroughly cleaned and processed before cooking. So the dish is basically cooked mussels dipped in fleshy tomato sauce which is richened with a dash of Mediterranean sauce. A lovely summer by the beach and this dish would be a dream-like sequence!

Jupiter Meze Platter

Sometimes it becomes more important to experiment with different types of food than stick to the known one. If you are a food blogger or a foodie who likes to try experiments, you would definitely order this in the seafood restaurants in Pretoria. This is a mad combination of Med rice balls, calamari heads, halloumi, hake goujons, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki, and herb mayo. But the dish will definitely work its wonders in your taste buds.

Visit Pretoria for the most stunning sunsets and the most lip-smacking awesome food in seafood restaurants in Sandton and Pretoria!