Roofing Sheets & their types;

Roofing sheets are vital for protecting the roof from harsh weather conditions. They act as a physical barrier to high winds, snow, storm, or hails. These sheets are comprised of an incredible range of features & functions & are available in different sizes as well. Roofing sheets are made up of different kinds of materials. Plastic & Metal are the two most common types of roofing sheets. Plastic roofing sheets include polycarbonate, acrylic & PVC variants, whereas metal roofing sheets include steel & zinc.

What are corrugated plastic sheets?

Corrugated plastic sheets are two outside flat plastic sheets that are separated by small plastic beams running perpendicular to them. Corrugated plastic sheets have emerged as essential products in worldwide because they feature as a formidable combination of unique qualities. Corrugated plastic sheets manufactured from high-quality polypropylene material with the help of an advanced extrusion process. PP Corrugated sheets are the more robust & most useful sheets, has an extra strength against moisture & chemical action. Corrugated plastic roofing sheets are known for strength, impact-resistant nature & long usage life.

Applications of corrugated roofing sheets?

Corrugated plastic roofing sheets widely used in advertisement printing, industrial packaging & in the different industries as they are safe in usage & having no harmful effects. They are easy to clean, durable, cost-effective, and lightweight & also can be installed very easily.

Plastic corrugated sheets are the ideal material for many industries including construction, signs, advertising, screen printing, packaging & shipping. They are ideal for both indoor & outdoor applications.

What are metal roofing sheets?

Metal sheets are made up of metals like aluminium, zinc, copper & tin. They are usually coated in acrylic or stone granules depending upon the requirement of the smooth finish or textured type of finish. These roofing sheets are highly durable which results in long life expectancy & can be customized to create rooftops varying on the basis of price, durability, styles & longevity.

Applications of metal roofing sheets?

Metal roofing sheets have high insulating properties & thus, they can be used in household roofs, industrial roofs & building constructions. They can easily withstand rain, hail, storm, snow & fire. They are fast & easy to install, especially when panels are involved. Metal roofing sheets can minimize the heat gained during the day by reflecting the radiant heat from the sun.once they installed correctly; they do not crack, split, or breaks easily. They are also resistant to pests & insects.