Whenever your brother printer is unable to communicate with the computer then you can see an offline issue with it. Isn’t it very annoying to see your Brother Printer Offline especially when you needed to print something urgently? If you discover that your brother printer is offline or stopped working then you need to follow the troubleshooting steps which are mentioned below to bring it online. 

Check Printer is on

If you see nothing of your brother printer screen, it might not be turned or in the sleep mode. Wake it up from the sleep mode or simply turn it on.

Once the printer is turns on, you need to check the LCD screen for any error messages like Ink cartridge empty or paper jam. If you see any issue, then troubleshoot it in order to turn it online.

Make sure printer is connected to PC

Ensure that the cable which you are using to connect the printer to the computer is well connected to both ends. We suggest you to try connecting your printer directly to the computer not through the HUB if you encounter this error.

Also, make sure your Ethernet cable is ideally connected to the router/access point and the printer’s end. For this, you are going to need IP address of the printer that you can print from the network configuration page.

Set printer as the default one

Make sure your brother printer is set as the default printer. To verify this, just go to the printers folder and ensure that there you can see a check mark on the icon of Brother Printer. For more information about this, you can grab Brother Printer Support and take assistance from ingenious connoisseurs.

Remove all the print jobs printers and devices

For this, you need to right click on the brother printer icon and go for what is printing.

After that, select cancel all documents.

If this doesn’t work, then select Open as administrator. Simply enter the administrator password and tap on yes.

Here, you can easily select cancel all documents from queue.

Check the Status of the Printer

If the Status is Offline, then you need to bring it online. You can do that from see what’s printing menu and then choose use printer online.

If the status of the printer is paused, then right click on the brother printer icon and select see what’s printing and then choose pause printing.

Check if there is copy of your brother printer icon is listed

There is a possibility that in Devices and Printers a copy of your Brother printer is listed with the same name. This might be created by you whenever:

• Changing in the USB port on the computer to which your printer is connected occurs.

• Installing the same printer driver more than once happens.

In such cases, simply select a copy that you know is working fine.

So, we can gladly say that after pursuing these simple steps, you will be able to fix Brother Printer Offline issue. For additional help or any other concerns with your device, you need to get in touch with our printer technicians by dialing Brother Support Phone Number which is accessible all day and night. So, don’t waste your time, just take your phone and make connection with experts to exterminate your issues entirely.