In the digital marketing world, some time ago, the best digital marketing blogs in india included a wide variety of content that is being produced and shared around the globe. And then we started to think, well, how versed with the digital age in the market in India?

A growing number of local manufacturers are digitizing, and the aim is to stay up-to-date with effective promotional trends and digital developments and make the best use of them just to grow your business.

Social Samosa

Social Samosa is a blog that addresses all facets of digital marketing and helping people keep up with the latest developments. Their page on Facebook has a massive 159,901 followers and is a fantastic forum for the digital community to learn or track notifications. The blog is based in Mumbai and incorporates news updates, discussions, how-to articles, and tricks for using tools in social networking sites.

Established by Aditya Gupta and Ankit Gaba, Social Samosa seems to be the source of high-tone content that includes insights from companies, in-depth case studies, interactions with influential icons in the digital environment, strategy reviews, and tips and resources that can help you grow deeper in the social media vast landscape. The aim is to help companies grasp the social media landscape locally and internationally.


Simplify360 is a blog linked to the business of social media apps that goes under the same name. The blog includes articles on tools and techniques for digital marketing. It provides market perspectives on social customer support, online identity management, and analytics.


Techmagnate is among the country’s pioneers in proposing alternatives focused on SEO. Their blog provides a lot of useful knowledge about digital marketing, which can help companies improve their tactics. The business provides services that cover a wide variety of digital marketing activities.

Digital Ready

Digital Ready is a Hyderabad company that provides training in the field of digital marketing for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Their blog is a series of educational and insightful posts. This is highly beneficial for both companies and learners alike.

Social Beat

Based largely on digital marketers and CMOs trying to build a presence in the digital marketing world, Social Beat blogs cater to a spectrum of companies. The content in the articles is aimed at helping businesses think about how various tactics will help them develop their internet presence. Value perspectives and goal-oriented tactics enrich the blogs to allow marketers to have the best ROI from their digital marketing campaigns. You might also find reading our book on digital marketing efforts or subscribing to their YouTube Channel interesting.


DigiGrad is an online training program designed to teach marketers introductory and complex digital marketing abilities. Which also has an excellent range of blogs about digital marketing, with leading experts in India, and also some monthly free digital marketing webinars that can help newbies and business professionals.

Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud blogs provide advice on WordPress, SEO, money blogging, and the promotion of affiliates. Shout Me Loud often covers top-quality material specifically for learners about how to make a blogging profession. That is one of the award-winning blogs that offers valuable tips about how to become a blogging entrepreneur. Shout Me Loud is operated by New Delhi blogger Harsh Agrawal. Shout Me Loud already has drawn about 900,000 subscribers worldwide.

Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is a blog of Bangalore-based Digital Marketing Expert Deepak Kanakaraju. He was a very well established speaker offering excellent digital marketing tips and important technology. He is also an editor and a teacher. The blog has a massive presence on social media and has more than 248,000 Facebook followers.

Digital Marketing Deal

Digital Marketing Deal is among India’s leading Business Listing Site in India and experts in digital marketing, and with years of experience. The blogs available on the website provide advice and tips for digital marketing and social media marketing. The experience is contained in all the writings, and he proposes solutions to digital marketers’ serious challenges. The blog of the websites are very popular and have a number of readers across the globe. 


ShootOrder is a Hyderabad-based media marketing & digital marketing site. The blog contains useful information on different successful forms of marketing using digital media. It addresses different tools and techniques and analyses tactics. This is also a forum where you’ll get tips on enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing.

Make sure to follow all these digital marketing blogs in India to make your campaigns and strategies more effective and make your business grow exponentially.