Every year industry sectors worldwide gear up to predict the next big trends to govern the coming year. Packaging Gateway speaks to companies working in the packaging sector to forecast some of the top packaging trends for 2020. In upcoming year if you want to succeed, then you need to understand the top packaging design trends 2020!

Corrugated packaging

E-commerce packaging has become important packaging industry because online shopping is growing rapidly. Corrugated packaging will govern the sector with its stable structure and sustainable qualities.

As we enter 2020 we see real changes across the packaging spectrum. Leading brands are focusing on replacing single-use plastic with widely recycled material to meet the recycling targets and reduce the produced amount of waste. The usage of lip gloss packaging boxes will ensure that brands can meet consumer demands for sustainable and more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.


In 2020 packaging design will continue to be restrained with decorate features. When it comes to the digital printing it will become popular for luxury packaging.

Packaging aesthetics will play an important role in catching the consumer’s eye in 2020. More cosmetic brands will be investing in updating their primary lip gloss packaging boxes with decorative techniques, such as etching, hot stamping and screen printing to expand brand identity.

Clean packaging and simplistic designs will be a new trend for 2020 as consumers believe less complex and environmentally friendly packaging than over-engineered packaging.

100% recyclable material

As I’ve mentioned above that sustainability has been a major trend in 2020. The main aspect behind popularity this trend is to focus on manufacturing packaging boxes with 100% recyclable materials to encourage consumers.

Packaging is no longer ‘just a box’ and businesses need to start thinking outside of the box. The demand for recyclable materials in packaging and materials will grow and become higher than ever in 2020. Additionally, they help brands to strengthen their environmentally-friendly credentials. With this innovation, brands have the capability to cover-up the need for responsible packaging with the longing for a premium experience.”

“It’s a brave new approach to packaging that tackles the ever-growing problem of pollution and increasing demand for recyclable material packaging.”


Personalization is one of the leading trend and crucial part of cosmetic packaging. With the increase in cosmetic products, packaging personalization is a reality for a massive boost in sales.

Transparent Packaging

Transparent packaging shows off a product’s color and for this reason it is popular amongst skincare brands in 2020. Layering design elements with transparent materials and innovative design features make custom lip gloss boxes pop without compromising on visual impact.

Transparent Packaging designs increase the consumer’s role in unveiling product, really wow your customers and create an engaging upon opening.

To conclude, the role of custom lip gloss boxes in the consumer journey has extended beyond the shelf. Emerging trends in packaging industry are highly influenced by the need for smart, clean, convenient, and sustainable solutions. Move ahead and adopt these new trends for your brands.