Cloud computing means storing all the data on the server. This data can be accessed in future use. There are various cloud provider companies are available like aws, azure, google cloud is very common

Cloud computing is used for various services. Some of them are storage, servers, software development is very prominent. Cloud computing can offer its service in three phases.

Back-end application is completely managed by the cloud vendor

Customers or users pay for services using cloud services like memory, processing time and bandwidth etc.

The main advantage is customers can pay how much they use for

These cloud services can be broad can be categorized into three types depending upon the customer requirement. They are SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS. Azure training covers all the basics of cloud computing on azure technology


Software as a service is a distribution model where a third-party provider hosts applications. Later they make them available to customers or users who want it.

This SAAS is closely related to the application service provider. Here the customers can use the provider host to launch their project

Here the application source code is the same for all users. Whenever the new features and functionalities are rolled out, the new features are also rolled out to all the customers depending upon the service level agreement. Here the customer data be stored in the cloud and locally.

Advantages of SAAS

Flexible usage: here customers can pay for a monthly basis depending on the usage of bandwidth and storage

Automatic updates: there is no worry for software updates. It is automatically updated


Customers or users can access SAAS services in the internet-enabled places . learn more on azure technology through and cloud computing through azure online training


Platform as a service is a cloud computing model where third-party providers deliver hardware tools and software tools over the internet for application development. This pass provider hosts hardware and software on its own infrastructure. So there is no need to install all the hardware and software to develop a new application

Paas advantages

Faster time to manage: users can manage the pass applications faster

Lower cost to manage

High efficiency. azure training  makes you understand the concepts on azure


Iaas stands for infrastructure as a service these IAAS services are the self-service model used for accessing, monitoring and managing the mote datacentre

IAAS performs the following

Website Hosting: By using IAAS website can be hosted at very low cost compared to ordinary traditional web hosting

Web apps

IAAS provides the infrastructure to all the web apps. It includes storage, web and application server.

High-performance computing

This has high-performance computing on a supercomputer. this computer cluster helps to solve all the complex problems. Some of the examples include earthquakes and climate conditions and evaluating product designs

IAAS advantages

High security: with the service agreement IAAS provides high security to your application and data

Increase stability

In IAAS there is no need to update the software.

Focus on your business

In Iaas users or customers can focus on their business there is no need to worry about infrastructure. Follow the interview questions on azure .