What Is Access control systems

Access control systems are one of the safest and most effective methods of protecting a target due to the restriction of access of persons or vehicles to the site. Its functions give the administration a rigorous control of access in areas of importance, highlighting activity through detailed reports.

Depending on the type of communication, access control equipment can operate independently or on the network.

Independent (standalone) operation provides access based on pre-programmed authorization, without registering or transferring access events. These equipments offer a minimal set of functions for areas with low or medium security.

Networking (RS 485 or Ethernet) allows storage of access events in the reader’s local memory and then transfer to a management computer. This allows extension of the functionality with access in predefined time intervals and through certain doors based on profiles.

The complexity of the systems is determined by the four main components: Identification Method, Electronic Command Equipment , Access Blocking Devices , and Administration Software.


The identification method has a fundamental importance in the security of an access control system .

Terminal Button Access-Control Biometric Authentication. Our offer includes equipment based on technologies such as (proximity) or biometric, with fingerprint or face recognition. 

Identification with fingerprint or face recognition provides greater security of access, making it more difficult to be scanned due to biometric information. Fingerprint enrollment can be done through a desktop fingerprint reader or directly at one of the network terminals.


Central or controllers – serve one or more doors in both directions, and allow the connection of a variety of proximity or Biometric readers. They are connected to a communications network and managed with specialized software.

Provides a limited number of authorized memory cards and setting of standard parameters: door opening and closing time, light and acoustic indicator, internal relay for electromagnetic yaw control.

Intelligent IP Readers – being the newest generation of built-in controller with built-in controller that ensures both independent operation and connection to the local computer network. This provides low installation costs, a possible isolation of equipment failures, rapid expansion and minimal cost of the system.


Devices are chosen based on the type of access, the number of users and the security class. These devices are subjected to powerful mechanical wear that affects the premature operation of the system, so we only use quality products with a guaranteed number of hours of operation.

Yale electromagnets, force electromagnets or electromagnetic bolts are used to equip access doors for their command by the proximity reader.

Half-timer or vertical turnstiles for pedestrian access are especially used to manage pedestrian traffic within airports, railway stations, access points in public utility buildings, ticketing points, or to sports facilities, stadiums, backyards, centers SPA, showrooms, exhibitions, theaters, cinemas, or access points and on-site checkpoints (dedicated areas in factories or offices).

Automobile accesses use self-contained barriers in access areas and are also very useful in pay-per-car parking systems.


Software Control Access: The software application provides management of the system and allows the following operations to be configured: allowing people to access certain areas and time intervals, viewing real-time presence / absence, viewing the state of the doors and ordering them online, defining access groups for people, viewing, filtering, and archiving access events.

There is the possibility of extending electronic timekeeping functionality, which is ensured by the system administration software, with the possibility of exporting time to other software applications such as SAP, ERP or payroll.

Access control systems can operate independently or interconnected with alarm or video surveillance systems, building an integrated building security system. Such surveillance cameras can be ordered by the access event to retrieve an image at the time of access.

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