A group of people who together form a workforce of an organization, business, or industry is known as human resource. Manpower, labor, personnel, associates, etc are similar terms for human resources. Human resource management aims at the optimum use of manpower in the organization. In human resource management tasks are delegated according to skills.

The role of human resources is to look after human resource management with compliance with various aspects of human resources.

Functions of a human resource manager include-

1. Knowing the needs of the staff

2. Know the need for employees

3. Determine do’s and don’ts of the staff

4. Recruit the required employees with proper skills

5. Train the employees and keep them updated with the latest trends.

6. Supervise and evaluate the work of the employees

7. Take care of the discipline in the organization

8. Use HR software for ease of working in the organization, etc.

Human resource management follows a four-step procedure. The steps are as follows:

Step 1.- Recruitment, selection, and placement

The HR manager gives out the information for vacancies. Interested people apply for the vacancy. The HR manager shortlists the candidate and an interview is conducted. The selection process takes place. Once the most suitable candidate is selected, he is placed.

Step 2.- Training and development

Once the candidate is placed, the HR manager makes sure he is trained with suitable skills. There are 3 types of training; on the job training, off the job training, and apprenticeship training. The skills required are developed in the candidate.

Step 3.- Job evaluation

Once the employee starts working, his work is evaluated. The HR manager constantly evaluates the work of the employees. The bonuses and compensations are based on their job evaluation.

Step 4.- Merit rating and promotions, transfers and demotions

Merit rating is done to justify the reason for increment in salary. Merit rating helps in the proper working of the employees. To secure high ratings they work with utmost dedication and hard work.

The promotions, transfers, and demotions are based on the performance of the employee. The HR manager makes sure that the deserving candidate gets the promotion.

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