Kidney functions 

  • Kidneys filter our blood
  • Makes Hormones in the body
  • Makes minerals essential from food
  • Makes us pee
  • Kidneys release toxic substances from the body
  • Controls the acid level of the body

 There are 2 kidneys in our body. Kidneys are the most delicate and necessary internal organs of the body. Often we think that only those who drink too much alcohol have a bad kidney. It’s not like this. There can be many reasons for kidney pain or inflammation.

What are the symptoms of kidney failure and to avoid kidney disease, read further information about abstinence. Kidney keeps doing many important things for our body silently. Therefore, they should be kept very safe and should not do anything that will harm them.

– Often, the damage to the kidney or decrease in the ability of the kidneys to work is known very late. Because the kidneys keep doing their work well even after reaching 20% ​​level of their capacity. That is why diseases associated with kidney are called ‘The Silent Diseases’.

– Urologist or nephrologist should see a doctor if there is any pain or problem in the kidney. Nephrologists are specialized in Kidney treatment with medicine and urologists by surgery. Before the damage to the kidneys gets out of the limit, we must take necessary steps to maintain kidney health.

Symptoms of kidney disease 

Decreased urination, back pain, fatigue, urination or froth, loss of appetite, irritability, high blood pressure at an early age, decreased concentration, anemia, weakness, difficulty in breathing, nausea and vomiting. , Chest pain, swelling of the arms, legs, ankle, face or body, sudden decrease in blood pressure, etc.

Kidney tests 

A blood test (GFR) and urine test (ACR) are done to detect any problem in the kidney. Kidney test is called kidney function test. There are 5 stages in kidney disease. Kidney test shows how the kidney is functioning according to its capacity or at what stage the disease is. Apart from these tests, ultrasound, CT Scan, biopsy can also be done if required.

The cost of kidney stone surgery can be up to 15,000-80,000. Kidney transplant surgery can cost up to 5-20 lakhs. These expenses depend on the severity of the disease, hospital (government or private), specialist fees.

Causes and prevention of kidney disease 

1) Not drinking the right amount of water – As you know, the most important function of the kidneys is to filter the blood and take out the West Material and Toxins from it through urine. Therefore, when we do not drink enough water, the accumulation of waste material and toxins in the body increases and it can cause harm to the body.

2) Eating more salt in food – The body needs sodium or salt to keep working. Many people take excessive amounts of salt in food or eat snacks throughout the day. This can increase blood pressure and increase the work pressure on the kidneys. Overall intake of more than 5 grams of salt in a day can put the body in many troubles.

3) Taking more sugar – Scientific research has shown that taking 2 or 3 more sweet drinks a day increases the chances of passing protein in urine. Protein ingestion in the urine is a bad sign for the health of the kidneys, so sugar should be taken in balanced quantity just like salt.

4) Stopping urination – We often stop urinating due to compulsion or due to being stuck in our work. By stopping such frequent urination, the pressure in the urinary system increases. This can lead to complications ranging from Kidney being stoned to Kidney failure. That is why it is not wise to stop urination in any way.

5) Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body – In order to keep our body healthy, our body and Kidney should take clean and balanced nutritious food, which must contain fresh vegetables and fruits. Due to lack of nutrition, stones can be formed in the kidneys or their kidney health may decline. In this case, vitamin B6 and magnesium elements are very helpful to reduce the risk of stone in the kidney.

6) Taking more animal protein – Protein, especially red meat, increases metabolic pressure on the kidneys by eating more. Taking more Protein in food causes the kidneys to work more and this can impair their working ability or even damage them.

7) Sleeping less – Everyone knows how important it is to get full sleep at night. The habit of sleeping for a long time can lead to many types of diseases and in this list there are also diseases related to kidney.

8) During the night, our body repairs the disturbances in Kidney’s tissues. Do not ignore your sleep and give the kidneys a chance to self-repair.

9) Abuse of painkillers – Many people start taking painkillers repeatedly in minor pain or discomfort, while pain can be controlled with little rest and natural remedies. Taking painkillers like paracetamol and diclofenac without any medical advice of their own choice can cause serious harm to the kidneys.

10) Drinking too much alcohol – Drinking one or two pegs of wine or beer for occasional recreation is becoming a culture and it is not considered bad. But everyone should know that it is necessary to stop after how many drinks. Alcohol is actually a chemical and toxin, and drinking it badly causes serious harm to both Kidney and the liver.

To maintain healthy kidney tissues, eat more and more natural food such as vegetables, fruits, etc. With this, keep in mind the above mentioned things and keep control over your habits.

All of these will not bring your kidneys under pressure and you will avoid Kidney Diseases. 

What to eat in case of kidney failure –

In order to keep the kidney healthy and kidney disease, these things should be eaten.In kidney stone problem, eating horse gram is considered effective in smearing kidney stones.

1. Eat apples, carrots, watermelon, cucumber, mangoes, grapes, berries, cucumbers, coconut, pineapple in fruits.

2. In vegetables, eat cauliflower, cabbage, drumstick, capsicum, Bathua, Arabic, potato, radish, gourd, lemon, ginger, spinach, amaranth, bitter gourd.

3. In spices and herbs, eat buckwheat, basil, cinnamon, paan, root of cumin, garlic, celery, gokhur, big cardamom, black cumin.

What not to eat in kidney disease

Readymade soups, chips, maggi, all-purpose items like bread, biscuits, cola drinks, brown rice, bananas, oranges, avocados in fruits, apricots, milk products like curd, cheese etc., processed meat, pickles, tomatoes, dates, Do not consume raisins.