What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which dentistry which deals with the improperly positioned jaws and teeth. A lot of people have orthodontic problems like teeth alignment, jaw position, and overbite.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is the process of treating those wrongly aligned teeth and jaw problems. It straightens your teeth and places them in a better position. This will improve your bite force and change your appearance for good.

Best Time for Orthodontic Treatment

People of all ages suffer from orthodontic problems but it is more common in children from age 7-11. The best time for orthodontic treatment can be determined after a proper clinical exam, x-rays, and a thorough dental history.

You should consult with your dentist or orthodontist if you have any of the given dental problems.

The lower teeth a too forward and the upper teeth are too backward or too far back to form a bulldog appearance.

The upper teeth are too forward and the lower teeth are overshadowed by them. Sometimes they are called buck teeth.

The upper teeth do not come down properly in front of the lower teeth during biting or eating.

The space between the surface of the side teeth when back teeth bite together.

When there are too many teeth for a dental ridge to deal with.

Misplaced Mislines
When the middle of the upper teeth does not align with the middle of the lower teeth.

Spaces and gaps between the teeth due to missing teeth.

There are three different times of orthodontic treatment depending on the age group.

Early Treatment
The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child of age 7 should receive an orthodontic evaluation. The orthodontic treatment of children is called phase 1 of treatment. It is performed before all the permanent teeth have erupted. The sooner the problem is detected the easier it is to solve it.

Teen Treatment
Teen receives phase 2 of orthodontic treatment when all of their permanent teeth have erupted and that is usually from age 12-16.

Adult Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment for an adult can improve the facial structure and appearance dramatically. Adults can receive discrete and quick Invisalign Express.

What are some of the Orthodontic Treatments

There are several removable and fixed orthodontic appliances available according to your and your dentist’s choice.


Fixed Space Maintainers


Removable Space Maintainers

Jaw Repositioning Appliances

Lip and Cheek Bumpers


These are some of the orthodontic treatments and appliances you can expect if you have orthodontic issues.

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