The debate has always been about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. For some people, Messi is a great player while for others Ronaldo is the best. But the fact is that both of them are one of the best players in the soccer game today. What makes their rivalry more complex is that despite being goal scorers they are technically different.

Lionel Messi is technically sound whereas Christiano Ronaldo relies on the incredible work ethic. However, there are many differences that make both of the players unique. So let us take a look at these major differences.

A) Dribbling

Lionel Messi– He is the best dribbler and his close control while dribbling is what makes him special. The soccer ball just seems to get stuck with his feet and it is an extension of his leg.

Cristiano Ronaldo- He is also a good dribbler and during his time at Sporting and United, he dribbled past players to score a goal with ease. His dribbling isn’t the same now as it was before because it became quite predictable at some point in his career.

B) Pace

Lionel Messi- The sprinting style of Messi is very quick. Looking at his height, he runs with shorter strides which allows him to twist more and run havoc against all sorts of defences. This enables him the extra yards and makes him uncatchable.

Cristiano Ronaldo- Well, the pace is one of the major aspects of Ronaldo. This is due to the strong thigh muscle strength allowing him to burst forward with long strides. His style of running is highly advantageous when there is an ample amount of space.

C) Finishing

Lionel Messi- Messi usually prefers to play his shots more precisely and does it immaculately always. He is a five-time Ballon d’Or winner who has an exceptional technique as well as accuracy to place the shots from the meanest solutions. This has helped him to score so many goals and will continue to do so.

Cristiano Ronaldo- It is no surprise that both of these players have scored many goals together combined. The Portuguese player is the best finisher and it is his biggest strengths. Whether it is from the longer distance or tight angles, he is fully capable of scoring goals when he gets the chance.

D) Aerial Threat

Lionel Messi- Messies’s aerial ability is the only aspect of his game that leaves us wanting for more. Although he has scored some headers, he still is very far away from being called a strong header. It is mainly due to the fact that she is of short stature and if he had, then he would’ve been great aerially.

Cristiano Ronaldo- He flies, simple as that. It won’t be wrong if it were said that he has the greatest leap in the game. It feels like he is floating in the air when he takes a leap and his technique of jumping also allows him to stay in the air for long periods of time.

E) First Touch

Lionel Messi- There are only a few better than Messi, when it comes to the first touch. The subtle touch makes him a genius and he can beat defenders and make space for himself. Moreover, his great awareness while receiving the ball is also incredible.

Cristiano Ronaldo- His first touch differentiates him from other players. While he can receive the ball and control it, but can’t make space with it consistently. It is good, but when he shoots the goal, it becomes something majestic which only Cristiano Ronaldo can do best.

So, these were some of the major technical differences between these two great players. Regardless of the highs and lows, these two legends are very skilled in what they do best when playing.

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