No matter how modern we all may become nothing can beat the feeling of having ownership of a physical object. CDs are the best example that takes us all to the different imaginative world. But as every valuable object requires a perfect protective casing Cd Jackets are their protective covers. They are made of different biodegradable materials such as cardboard, paperboard, or kraft, etc. They are usually in flat square shape in which you can easily insert any CD or DVD. They have printed outer covers. They work as both an information provider and a protective casing. They are also used to provide their users with a preview of what they have in the package.

Creative minds never let anything go to waste. They can convert scraps into something beautiful and practical. Although Cd Jackets are becoming vintage products they can be still utilized in multiple efficient ways. We have found some of their most probable usages that are still in working in the present time. These uses are:

As a Photo Frame:

Our love for photography will never fade. To have a better illustration; a beautiful photo frame is always ready to lend a hand. You can use any old CD Jackets to make a beautiful photo frame. They have a circular windowpane in their front panel from which you can provide a beautiful view of your pictures. Plus, if you want to make them look more beautiful you can further draw any patterns or designs.

A Protective and Beautiful Envelope:

One other way is to use them as an envelope. Their fully covered sides will improve their level of protection for every item. You can directly insert any written note or small pieces of ornaments inside them to make them appear as a protective and beautiful envelope. You can further add or attach any decorative closures to make them look more lovely. For example, you can use wax seals to beautify their sealings. Or you can simply use ribbons to make them look more eye-catching to their receivers.


Another practical use of Printed Cd Jackets is to make a gorgeous and creative sticker out of them. They have some distinctive graphics and images printed on every side. You can easily cut any of their printed images and use them as a sticker anywhere you want. All you have to do is to use some adhesive on their backside so that they can quickly be pasted on any surface.

Make Greeting Cards:

No matter how digitalized we may become yet the worth of exchanging tangible postcards will never decrease. Individuals are most likely to be more attracted to any object that they can touch, feel, or hold. Printable Cd sleeves can also be efficiently utilized to work as stunning greeting cards. Their alluring graphics and robustness make them easy to transport anywhere. People can send them to their loved one who is a fan of any respective musician band, movie, etc. Or they can also insert any special handwritten note in respective CD jackets and courier them to surprise their beloveds.

Easy Wall Art:

The most probable use of old CD sleeves is to reuse them to make some beautiful wall art. Their stunning designs eventually help their users to bring out the best and easy wall art to redecorate their idle walls. You only have to paste them in a systematic order on your walls to make any unique and pretty outcome. Or you can trim some defined images and paste them separately to give a more beautiful presentation.

Cd Jackets printing instantly boosts the ordinary looks of CD cases. Their designs and prints can be used in many practical ways. All you need is some time, patience, and designing techniques to completely change their functionality.