UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is one of the most durable and versatile polymers used for preparing a special uPVC blend for manufacturing windows and doors. This unique material is available in a wide range of colours and styles. It is low maintenance and also offers many benefits that no material had matched so far.

Why uPVC is best for window and door frames?

uPVC windows and doors offer excellent performance, versatility and durability. These are also easy to maintain and provide better sound insulation and thermal efficiency. This material is perfect for making windows and doors for improving their strength and longevity.

Benefits of uPVC door and window frames

People prefer uPVC windows in Chennai or other parts in India due to the following benefits:

• Reasonable cost – The cost of uPVC windows are reasonable than timber and aluminium windows. The cost of these windows varies depending on its quality, features and any additional customization. If we compare the advantages of uPVC in comparison to any other material, the worth of spending money on it would be huge in front of other material.

• Low maintenance – According to uPVC windows manufacturer, this material is popular due to its low maintenance. Besides cleaning around the frames a few times in a month or year, you can simply leave your windows and doors to take care of themselves without any maintenance requirements. Unlike wood, you will not find any signs of weather damage or rot on uPVC windows. It is also great for offering better sound insulation by reducing outside noise by 70%. This means you can enjoy a peaceful environment inside your house, despite the noisy traffic or construction noises around your house.

• Great performance – The uPVC windows are highly energy efficient. So, installing them in your house or office would reduce your heating or cooling costs. Meanwhile, it also keeps the property nice and warm during the winter and cool in summer. uPVC is even a reliable material for home security due to its strength, robustness and resilience.

Are uPVC windows and doors dangerous?

No, uPVC windows and doors are not dangerous. In fact, many professional windows and doors manufacturers recommended it. Few brands like Koemmerling manufacturers its uPVC profiles having 100% lead free material and support sustainability. Many professional manufacturers offer high-end materials with excellent accreditations and awards. This material is created carefully and even undergoes proper quality control testing before sending to the market. Many experts assure customer safety and environmentally friendly uPVC products that can be recycled after use. This means uPVC is not at all dangerous for humans or the environment.

Are uPVC windows toxic?

No, uPVC windows are not toxic. It is perfectly non-toxic and safe material as long as it’s not burnt. The production of uPVC is regulated to make sure that it doesn’t harm you and the environment. If you burn PVC, it can releases dioxins into the surroundings and act as the persistent organic pollutants. But the unplasticized uPVC windows and doors don’t release any such toxins. This material can also be recycled easily after use and hence, it prevents any landfill burden and wastage.