A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be described as a server within a server. VPS hosting is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting. Here, each user gets to work on a private server, and don’t share resources like CPU or RAM with other users in the same server, unlike shared hosting service. However, with a single VPS, you get only a limited amount of functionality, and it is also very expensive.

Here comes the role of Veeble Multi VPS, we grant you the freedom to create and use multiple VPS in a single account employing the available resources. Which means you can create and manage multiple servers in a single account. It is also much more affordable than purchasing many single VPS. At Veeble, we offer you both Multi Windows VPS and Multi Linux VPS.

Multi VPS is a speciality exclusively provided by Veeble. You wouldn’t be able to find this service with any other hosting provider. We are continuously working for the development and deployment of this technology. Some of its biggest highlights are its user-friendly interface and its ability to manage multiple servers.

Windows Multi VPS

With a Windows Multi VPS, you can create multiple Windows servers in a single account.

We basically provide three variations of Windows Multi VPS.

Starter-Windows (create up to 4 servers)

Prime-Windows (create up to 8 servers)

Mega-Windows (create up to 16 servers)

Once you purchase the required service, you will be able to create and manage the server.

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