The fact is that poor credit score spoils your financial planning but those who take it as an impossible situation need to come out from their pessimist attitude. If you are among them, stop thinking like this.

The need is to take in notice the recent changes that have tailored the world of money in a progressive way. Previous decades saw stringent, stubborn restrictions on the poor credit scores, but now the breeze of liberal approach has spread its wings.

YOU KNOW WHAT? You have now solutions to come out of the mess of bad credit situation.

The biggest problem was that for bad credit scorers there were only problems to face. However, now the whole world is on the revival mission and new-age financial practices and services are taking the charge.

Several ways that can help you improve

You know what, possibilities are emerging around you and you just need to know them. There are several ways that help you change the bad into good on-ground realities.

Check your credit file every now and then

Every financially responsible person should check his/her credit file on a monthly basis. This is necessary to make sure that no incorrect detail and information has been mentioned there. Sometimes the wrong name spelling, a mistake in address or an incorrect mention of a recent financial action can affect your credit score. Keep it a habit to stay updated on the latest status your credit file has.

Have unused credit cards, store cards etc?? Close them NOW

Believe it or not, but the financial commitments on which you do not act become a burden on your financial records. They consume a part of your creditworthiness. For instance – you want to apply for a new credit card but already have one, which you don’t use. But the latter one shows in your report and the finance companies may hesitate for two reasons. 1. You already have one credit card and with a low credit score, they may not trust you to be able to bear another. 2. If the current one you are not using properly and it is staying abandoned, the credit card company may think of how you can manage the new one efficiently.

Go for a specialised solution with bad credit loans

Maybe you are not aware but the direct lending which practices next-generation financial practices offers specialised loan products. These loans are not entitled to only give you money but also to help you improve your credit scores. The process works like this – 1) borrow funds on lower rate 2) repay on time with small instalments 3) by the end of the tenure, the credit score improves.

By the way, the other speciality of the bad credit loans is its availability beyond credit score status and employment status. If you do not believe then search for the loans for bad credit with no guarantor that come with no fees by the direct lender in the UK. These are short-term loans with a small amount limit to borrow which may vary from lender to lender.

Break the financial connections with ex-partners

In case you have split up with your partner, it is necessary to see that you also quit from all the mutual financial commitments. From a bank account to an insurance policy, just take your name out. This is because; the financial behaviour of your partner affects your credit score too. It is advisable to work on this aspect as soon as possible if you are no more living with your partner. Forget not to tackle these matters with the help of a legal adviser. Money matters are complicated and need smart handling.

Get registered in the electoral roll

Having your name improves the chances of getting accepted by finance companies for varied financial products. Electoral roll tells your current address, job detail, employer name, which actually proves your existence as a trustworthy citizen. The other big benefit of this is due to the address that is mentioned with the government. It is always necessary to get registered with the current address. Someone can do financial fraud or crime from your old address and then you will be the culprit. This again brings a threat to the credit score as well as your financial future.

Do not make late repayments

Making late repayments is an absolute financial suicide, do not let it become your habit. From non-priority bills to important obligations, pay them on time. Punctuality is very important, as this is what makes you look creditworthy. Late payments show poor credit score and in that case, it is natural that financial organisations hesitate to consider your application. This should not happen in your case. If you have made some mistakes in the past, without any delay, improve them and repay your bills on time.

The above ways are useful and practical. Apply them and get better in your credit score performance to finally say ‘yes’ I have no more bad credit.