Private security companies that operate motor vehicles have good reason to style their cars after police and other first responders. These lights convey a message of authority while also providing bright warnings for other vehicles. Ultra Bright Lightz has a large variety of available interior and exterior lights that match the style of an official Police Light. There are four major types of emergency LED lights available from Ultra Bright Lightz: dash lights, stick lights, visor lights, and grill lights, and each of these serves a distinct purpose on a first responder vehicle.

Stick lights are installed on the exterior of your vehicle, usually above the windshield, and perform a variety of functions. One particular function that is very popular is the UBL LED 3004 Stick Light. It has four very powerful LEDs that can each be set to different colors individually. The UBL 3004 is controlled by a remote control box that is installed inside the cab of the vehicle. The UBL 3004 is waterproof and is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum housing; so that you can rest assured that it will continue to function even after being exposed to harsh winter elements. The control box comes with a built-in pattern and color changer, enabling the user to program the lights to fit their exact needs. The UBL 3004 has a flat back for stealth, so if you are operating an unmarked security vehicle it will not be obvious at first glance. It includes an arrow bar flash pattern to indicate turning, ensuring the safety of your driver and pedestrians.

Visor lights are another very common kind of police light that are installed in the interior of the vehicle near the top of the windshield. A good choice for a visor light is the UBL v6.2 LED interior visor light. The best thing about this model of visor light is that it has an adjustable flashback guard. This allows the user to power on the light while driving at night and not be blinded by the bright LEDs. The mount is also adjustable, so you can have it set just the way you want it. The UBL V6 is built with an aluminum casing, much like the LED 3004, but this one is intended to keep the unit from melting. The light unit plugs directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and is extremely easy to operate. This particular model comes with sixteen varying flash patterns, so you have a pattern for any situation. It uses a total of 32 three-watt LEDs split between eight LED heads, so you have a sophisticated, powerful light system that is still very easy to use.

Whether you are installing a light bar on top of a security patrol vehicle, replacing dash lights for undercover police cruisers, or installing safety lighting on a tractor, Ultra Bright Lightz has you covered with affordable prices and great customer service. They have a one-year warranty and also a 30-day return policy, so you can rest assured that they will help you out if your light bar malfunctions, or even if it just isn’t the right solution for you. Contact Ultra Bright Lightz today at (1-888-562-5165) or by email at ([email protected]) to speak to a helpful associate. Ultra Bright Lightz prides themselves on superior customer service and a history of helpfulness and professionalism. Whether you are stocking up on lighting supplies for an undercover police vehicle or equipping a private security car, Ultra Bright Lightz has the inventory you need to work safe and work with authority.

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