When a country focuses on its infrastructural development, it is bound to win in the long run in providing better conditions to the people. Even as the industry faces a shortage of qualified as well as proficient people, there is an increasing responsibility on the institutions in the field of real estate and construction management to begin the training of the people. This helps in developing them into excellent professionals with skills relevant to international competition which contribute positively to the sector.

While various institutions are specialised and known for their exemplary education and training – yet they differ significantly in their approach, accreditations, courses, curriculum, international exposure and more. If someone is looking for Built Environment Courses & Programs then these courses are offered by institutes such as RICS SBE, NICMAR, School of Planning & Architecture, CEPT University, ISB and a few others; however, one needs to evaluate and select the one that is future-ready.

Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

• The PMI-GAC offered by RICS School is an accredited degree in Construction Project Management which ensures students have global exposure and are at par with international quality standards.

• RICS SBE is the only institution in India with RICS accredited courses. It is the only accredited course provider under Built Environment.

• UGC has recognized RICS SBE which is supported by the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Government of India.

• RICS has accredited degrees which is world’s leading professional body for qualifications and standards in the construction management and real estate sector which was established in 1868.

International Exposure and Mobility

• Students of RICS SBE get a chance to get enrolled directly with the RICS upon joining, which grants them access to the vast network of industry professionals.

• There is active participation of RICS in global student exchange programmes, which also allows students to understand the global facets of the industry.

• RICS SBE provides extensive exposure to international real estate and construction management markets so that the students equal international standards of quality.

Courses, Facilities and Placement

• RICS School is the only institution in the country to offer courses and degrees in construction management accredited by RICS.

• RICS SBE, along with providing certification, also provides curriculum which is guided by industry-led standards and ensures continuous practical learnings with an aim to nurture seasoned professionals with the help of courses provided at graduate and postgraduate levels. The RICS school provides specialized full-time MBA degree which has an unparalleled immersion into the built environment making the students future-ready for the industry.

• RICS SBE campus in Noida is in the heart of the city, offering functional connectivity to everything practical in and around Delhi-NCR; whereas the campus in the glamour city of Mumbai, despite being a little away from the city, gives the best of both huge lush campus area along with the option to explore the fun life of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps.

• The RICS School aims to nurture individuals through industry-led RICS courses both at the graduate and postgraduate levels.

RICS SBE provides a post-graduate degree, which is accepted globally and has placed students with the highest annual package of INR 32 lakhs!

Certifications or diplomas of all major institutions provide a lot of advantages. The real estate and construction management sector is led primarily by RICS SBE which offers strategic long-term advantages for a student aspiring to be a qualified, future-ready professional in the built environment.