What to do if you become less and less talkative

Do you have such a feeling that people you know very well feel that they can accept their cheerful and natural words and deeds, so they are naturally unscrupulous, and those who are unfamiliar worry that their cheerful and unscrupulous will not be accepted by others, so they will be very cautious, you The thinking of making friends still only stays here. 

If you want to have a good communication with others, you have to learn to let go of your feelings, make room to pay a little attention to the situation of others, pay attention to practice and contact different people, and find some It can be done if it suits his or your topic, or even leads the topic.

I am becoming less and less talkative. What

should I do? I have never met anyone who can open up your heart. I am just like you. People who first contact me think I am an introvert, but people who know me If you don’t say that, I think I have too much. I have reflected on this issue and summed it up. I feel that some people have no need to communicate with them, and some people are unable to communicate with them. 

After a long time, the illusion that you don’t like to talk will naturally arise. Everyone mistakes them for thinking. You are not good at communication. As long as you understand yourself, why care about others’ opinions? Of course, this real society requires you to have a good eloquence and express what you want to say. It’s not popular now. It’s better to say Okay? Meri Chahat Tum Se Hi I feel that to solve this problem, you need to discover the strengths of others and make yourself want to communicate with him!

Why am I becoming less talkative? What is the reason?

Mainly introverted personality, to become extroverted and cheerful.

First of all, you have to open it bravely and actively communicate with others. You know that you “do not feel a little shy when you grow up”. You should be brave and confident to face yourself, face life, and use your Mouth opens the door to the soul in person.

Second, muster the courage to break through yourself. From now on, take the initiative to treat people around you with a smile and greet them. If necessary, you can help the leader and send a few words of care. I believe that your sincere efforts will surely get enthusiastic returns.

Third, look for opportunities to exercise yourself. Don’t miss any opportunity to speak, such as discussing topics of interest to them and you with your parents at the dinner table, boldly and actively express your views, and develop a habit over time, you will not be afraid to speak in front of everyone

Fourth, even if you are introverted, you will have one or two good friends, so you often chat with them. In addition to work and life, you can also chat with them about interesting insights, jokes, and humor. Sticking to it for a long time will not only make you cheerful, but also enhance your ability to communicate with others.

Fifth, have a good attitude, love life, and cultivate a variety of tastes. If you want to sing, just let your voice sing, and if you want to laugh, open your heart. Bigg Boss 14 In your spare time, you can also participate in sports and entertainment activities with your friends, such as playing ball, playing games, etc. This is an excellent way for you to exercise your vitality and socialize.

Sixth, have self-confidence in yourself at all times, and motivate yourself with inner words from time to time: “I am great”, “I behaved well”, and “People like me very much”.

Seventh, if you can choose a job, try to choose the work that can be done by teamwork, actively express your own opinions and opinions on the work, and speak out what you think is necessary.

Eighth, take part in more public speaking training, such as speeches, releases of humor, etc., and you will have more courage.

The more you grow up, the less talkative and the more silent, what to do

1 Make friends, close friends, communicate more, communicate more, especially find friends who have the same hobbies.

2 Force yourself to seize every opportunity to practice your courage. Only when you have courage can you dare to speak. Many people often do not dare to speak in public. The reason is that they are afraid of being laughed at by others. This is not the case. Melancholic people, who can’t say a word for a few days, as long as they continue to cheer themselves up and seize opportunities to work hard, they will become a lot of people admiring and loving you. You are willing to be such a person yourself, as long as Just keep going!