Chicago is described as the “City of the Big Shoulders” with world-class museums and cultural attraction alongside thriving and industrial ventures. The beautiful city is traversed by the Chicago and Calumet rivers. It’s a wonderful place to see the world-renowned architecture. When the weather is clearing up or when the snow and bitter cold have passed, that is the best time to visit and see the sights in Chicago. Though it’s a great idea to walk through the street, but if you want to explore more, considering limo rental service is the smart move. It helps you to provide stress-free transportation from one place to the other.

Chicago has so many implausible places to visit around and it’s hard to narrow down choices! Anyhow, here are just a few of your favorite places around town.

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is definitely one of the top things to see in Chicago, IL. It is popular among visitors for its curatorial efforts. The place is well known as an encyclopedic art museum, which means there’s a little bit of everything, from everywhere. The museum, with an affordable entry rate and sufficient art to keep you marveling for the whole day.

The Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is one of the top Chicago’s top shopping destinations and it would begin and end with the granddaddy of all the retail stores. Not only Mag mile known for shopping, but also famous for its luxury hotels, fine dining and amazing architecture which attracts the visitors.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley is a legendary baseball park located at the north side of the Chicago. Wrigley Field offers more than just bats, cheering fans and baseballs. The outfield walls, the Bleachers Bums and the incredible stories have accumulated over more than a century of baseball games. You’ll surely enjoy the sites which Wrigley Field has to offer.

Music Box Theatre

Music Box Theatre is the historic movie theater located in Chicago. It’s a great place to take a load off for a couple of hours. This is an independently owned place designed to imitate the grand movie places of the day but on a minor scale. The lucky visitors can also catch a screening with the famous actor and the directors in the Music Box Theater.

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