In current medical literature, there are few pieces of evidence exist in the literature which supports certain treatment whiplash over others. Whiplash can result in muscle strain, mild ligament sprains which can last long time. If you are unable to access the best car accident chiropractor, you can do self-care to treat whiplash although it is highly recommended to take professional chiropractic help.

In case, symptoms of whiplash are mild to moderate, here are some self-care tips for you:


After a car accident, you might take things easier for some days but if your activity or motion exacerbates the neck pain then you should take some rest and also avoid or limit the movement and allow your neck to heal properly.

Ice or Heat

You can also apply ice or heating method to reduce the pain. This is an effective treatment for whiplash. Ice or heat treatment close the small blood vessels temporarily and also prevent the swelling. You can apply heat or ice for few days after the occurrence of injury.

Whiplash Injury In Car Accident

Medical Care for Whiplash

In case, there are severe whiplash symptoms, you should immediately seek medical help. Many doctors will provide you medicated or surgical treatment. These types of treatment provide you temporary relief.

Physical Therapy

To improve the flexibility and strength of your neck, you can get physical therapy treatment from a qualified and trained physical therapist. They will help you to reduce the pain and stress on the spine.

Manual Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

In case, you have not got any relief from the pain while using medications, you can opt for manual strength physical therapy. Apart from physical therapy, you can seek the special treatment from car accident chiropractor who will provide the best treatment for whiplash.


Many people have reported that they get benefited from the acupuncture treatment. In this type of treatment, thin needles are placed in the various strategic parts of your body which will depend upon the condition. A licensed chiropractor will provide the safe treatment with little to no pain.

Massage Therapy

A chiropractor will provide you the massage treatment which he can be combined with others such as manual manipulation and physical therapy. This will reduce the pain and relax your muscles and increase the circulation of the blood within the body. So, if whiplash symptoms are troubling you then consult with the best chiropractor now.