There are two very clear events that mark the beginning of Christmas: the lights in the streets and the endless advertisements for toys on television . The ads overwhelm us, and at the same time the offer is so wide that sometimes it leads us to make a poor purchase of the little ones’ gifts and This is Free Christmas toys for kids and children

If you don’t like your kids getting a flood of toys for Christmas and prefer something more useful and modest, the rule of four presents is a good way to put some sense into children’s Christmas gifts .

Too much gifts overstimulates children, lowers their tolerance for frustration (they think they get everything they ask for), and can turn them into continually dissatisfied children.

Four gifts is a good number

Adults buy and buy toys that children then unwrap without giving any value. Sometimes they even have more fun playing with boxes and wrapping papers than with the toy they contain.

Most of them are toys that soon end up forgotten in a corner or at the bottom of the toy chest. Either because it has not met expectations, because it has been damaged after two days, or simply because among so many toys, they are forgotten.

Therefore, it is a good idea to put a little sense to Christmas gifts . On the one hand, because the amount is limited to a maximum of four gifts. And on the other, because of the use given to gifts, which do not always have to be toys . Children also need clothes to get dressed, or maybe a backpack for school or a new pencil case, and Christmas is a good time to replenish them.

Too many toys detract from the illusion and distort the true meaning of Christmas.

The rule of the four gifts proposes to give them:

1) Something to wear

Children grow up very fast and need to renew the closet frequently. Although receiving a garment, a pair of sneakers or a scarf may not be too funny for some, it can become an exciting gift if you choose what they like the most. That Spiderman sweatshirt that you like so much or that warm pajamas of your favorite characters.

2) Something to read

Both for birthdays and Christmas, with a book you are always right . Books open the door to fantasy and an unlimited world of possibilities. Without a doubt, they enrich them more than a toy. Here we remind you of some must-have titles about Christmas for little ones and what are the best books for young children , even as babies: it’s never too early to start loving books!

3) Something they want

Children have the illusion of receiving everything they have asked for in their letters but it is important to be measured at this point. Making them choose one, the one they want the most, will help them to be more selective. Receiving many gifts does not benefit children , if they are given everything they ask for, they end up losing the value of what they have .

4) Something they need

Children are used to mom and dad buying everything they need for their day to day. Including some of these items in your letters to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men is a good way to teach them to value those little things . Be it school supplies, cleaning products, an article for their extracurricular activities or, why not, that musical instrument that they would like to learn to play.

In this way, if we restrict the number, the children will enjoy their gifts more. Some parents have gone further, such as actor couple Mila Kunis and Ashtor Kutcher, who decided not to give their children gifts at Christmas .