In the essay, What You Eat Is Your Business, Radley Balko introduced the ideas that individuals personal choices on what he or she eats can help fight or prevent obesity. He condemned the anti-obesity measures by the government and the health care measures that the government was undertaking to reduce obesity and health related problems resulting from poor eating habits. Radley was particularly unimpressed by the migration of heathcare system towards socialism. In his essay, Radley suggested that the best way to deal with obesity problem was to place more emphasis on private matter and care about obesity. Radley felt that individuals personal choices should also be followed person’s realization of the resulting consequences.

I strongly agree with the views of Radley Balko that individuals should be responsible for their own personal choices. The government should not be accountable for a individual’s own personal choice at all. I find it bogging that the government has been trying to have other citizen’s pay for the mistakes of the overweight people and their choices of lifestyle. I do not understand why the government considers a person’s weight a matter of public interest when the individual holds the key to his own weight by knowing that what you eat is your business. I also agree with Radley that the government should let the obese pay for their choices and lifestyle by allowing the insurance companies charge them more premiums in order to push them towards losing weight. Should the government continue paying for some medications of the obese? When the government pay for their medication, they will have no incentive to stop living and eating the way they do. Radley advocated for actions to be aimed at educating people on how to start eating responsibly rather than blaming and suing restaurants for their bad choices.

One other Radlye’s point that I totally support is the restaurants should also offer menus with nutritional values. This is because business has also ethics and responsibilities to the government and customers, among which is to provide quality services and goods. People should however take more responsibility on what they eat rather than have other people, who have observed their diet pay for their choice of lifestyle, to be responsible for that.

Obesity depends so much on a person’s choice of food and lifestyle and therefore the obese should take full responsibility of their choices. Every action has a consequence and therefore when one eats poorly, he should be ready to face the consequences. The government should not force the responsible citizens to pay for the mistakes of those people, who do not watch their diet. I, therefore, strongly agree with Radley essay “What you eat is Your Business”

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