Brook Crompton is a leading manufacturer of highly efficient electric motors, delivering excellence and innovation for over a century in a row. Powered by the latest technology and ingenuity, Brook Crompton offers a broad range of low, medium & high voltage, secure & hazardous duty engines designed to provide cost-effective, energy-saving solutions across a wide range of industrial processes. Their drive packages ensure performance and reliability in a user-friendly adjustable speed ecosystem.

The extensive range of stock can be easily altered to meet unique requirements, with the tech support from the company’s experienced staff readily available to ensure the correct choice of engines. In the case of special requirements, Brook Crompton Motors also provide tailored solutions to suit your unique needs. The comprehensive Distribution Partners network also ensures that local assistance is available readily whenever and wherever it is required.

Brook Crompton focuses on the production of goods that enhance energy efficiency, deliver the reasonable cost of ownership over their lifespan, and reduce detrimental environmental effects too.

Here are some of the extensively used Brook Crompton Motors, employed across different industrial segments and set-ups.

W Cast Iron motors

The W cast iron engine range of Brook Crompton Motors includes products with capacities ranging from 0.75kW – 400kW in frame sizes extending from 80 – 355L. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as in the food and drink industry, china clay processing units, roller table drives as well as refrigeration.

Many such applications often have unfavorable operational conditions, including frequent starting and intermittent overloading; the W casting range is well suited and equipped to handle such adverse scenarios.

A virtually good-for-any-application motor, the cast iron range provides a complete 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Series 10

Series 10 range from Brook Crompton is available in either Aluminum or Cast Iron construct. The motors offer the output ranging from 0.09kW to 900kW and are available in the frame sizes extending from 56 to 450.

• An Aluminium engine range has capacities from 0.09kW to 18.5kW in frame sizes B-DA56 to A-DA160.

• The cast iron motor range has outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes B-DF71M to BU-DF450, with either 2.4.6 or 8 pole speeds.

A premium quality industrial standard selection of electric motors with a signature Brook Crompton configuration is appropriate for most of the industrial applications.

Ex db / eb Zone 1

Ex db Zone 1 range of Brook Crompton Motors are flameproof and available in the Cast Iron construct. The products cover outputs from 0.37kW to 200kW in frame sizes W-EF90 to W-EF315, in 2, 4, 6, & 8 pole speeds. Besides, eb Zone 1 range of motors are also ATEX approved by SGS Baseefa.