For many years mobile app development has been the focus of the experiment. In 2020, besides other technological invasions, we are witnessing significant development trends in the mobile app sector. Different enterprises and startups are looking for additional features to pull more audience. If you are looking for some unique features to incorporate into your existing mobile application, read this blog till the end.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is accelerating fast with the right mixture of the virtual and real-world experience it provides. According to recent researches, it is found that “AR is expected to have 1 billion users by 2021. Right now, more than 600 plus startups are listed under this category on Angelist.”

Wearable Technology and Apps

Smartwatches and other such gadgets have developed a new technology market. Users always prefer to synchronize their wearable devices with smartphones for easier access to data.

Instant Apps

Google launched a new feature for Android devices that is instant apps. The user can try the app using the play store and download it only when they feel it or have enough storage space. Different applications have already started to optimize their existing app to be an instant app.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Development is not only restricted to crypto-currencies and payment wallets but also businesses start utilizing them in their mobile apps. It has enormous potential to change the overall peer-to-peer network. Blockchain-based mobile applications are rising, and it will have a significant impact in the near future.


Offering location-based services attract more users. A lot more applications are already started to leveraging this technology. It is also an easy way for marketers to take advantage of location-based marketing and interact with potential customers.

Artificial Intelligence

This technology consists of the voice-based assistant and chatbots. AI-powered tools will stimulate human conversation, and thus it opens great opportunities for better customer services. Facebook Messenger Bot and Amazon Alexa are a few of the most outstanding examples of this innovation.

Payment Wallets

Mobile payments are a must for any eCommerce apps or apps with in-app purchase options. It is a kind of complimentary rise, but a significant trend. A highly secure app that enables users to transact seamlessly will be on the top list.

By the end of 2018, we might see the rise of other technologies too. So far, these technologies are trending.

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