WhatsApp gets Calling Update on mobile and desktop apps Check whats new | Tech News

WhatsApp is set to enhance the calling experience on the platform with new features. Named “Calling Update”, the features will be available across desktop and mobile apps in coming weeks. The update includes support for screen sharing with audio, increased participants for video calls across devices and, putting spotlight on the speaker. Below are the details about the upgrades:

Screen sharing with audio

Users will be able to share the screen with others and watch videos together while also sharing audio. WhatsApp launched screen-sharing support for video calls from August 2023. Previously, users could share their screen but now they can share the audio too.

More participants in video calls

WhatsApp has increased the number of participants that can be added to video calls. You can now add up to 32 people on a video call on desktop or mobile. Earlier, users could include up to eight participants on the Windows and Mac apps. With this update, up to 32 participants can be part of the group video calls on both desktop and mobile.

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Speaker spotlight

You will be able to see who is talking as the speaker will be automatically highlighted and will appear first on screen.

In addition to the above, WhatsApp announced support for Meta’s low bitrate (MLow) audio codec to make calls better. According to Meta, the MLow codec enables better quality audio even in poor network connectivity and on older generation devices. MLow is available on Instagram and Messenger, and is being brought to WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp has reaffirmed their focus on audio and video quality for clear calls irrespective of the location.

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