The issue of security tokens under regulatory frameworks is most trustworthy and faster as compared to what all is involved in carrying out an initial coin offering structured as utility tokens.

Security Token Offering (STO) inculcates a lot of legal precedents which would enhance token buyer protection, rights and expectations.

A security token derives its value from an external, tradable asset being actually a security and give their holders rights in the issuer company and are mostly centered on financial benefits.

Creates an environment with a higher level of transparency with buyers regarding token economics and how they plan to increase the token value.

Security Tokens enables more liquidity into the market as it enables fractional ownership and by lowering investment volumes and by allowing more people to purchase smaller stakes.

Security Tokens comes with immense potential for bypassing investment banks and venture specialists.

Antier take pride in being forerunners in Blockchain Technology and Crypto Token Economy consulting. We endeavor to help businesses and enterprises to identify the securities like bonds, shares, real estate etc. that can be tokenized and issued as Security Tokens with high level of investors’ trust to invest in their ventures.