But what if you agree with your partner that in the morning you don’t see each other, and in the evening you come on a date with others?

Change options:

  • Hairstyle
  • Makeup style
  • Piercing
  • Style of clothes
  • Behavior style

Of course, before such an experiment, it is worth knowing for sure that your partner does not accept others in appearance. To do this, you can make a list called “definitely not”. The next three ideas will be for men who want to please their Kharkov girls.

Idea for a romantic date

A wish board is a Whatman paper with pasted magazine clippings and drawings that depict what you dream of. Scientists say that visualizing dreams helps to put things in order in plans, to get closer, and yes, it brings the desired closer, because both of you start rowing in the same direction.

For any woman, an attentive attitude to her dreams will be extremely valuable.  We need not just make a wish board, but hold a vivid date for our beloved. Therefore, we must prepare well.

I recommend decorating a place for joint dreams in advance. Lay out whatman paper on the table, fold the shape of a heart out of the props, surround with magazines. You can even light candles, play uplifting music, hang helium balloons in her favorite colors. It’s great if you serve a fruit platter, champagne, or coffee with croissants in the process. In general, your task is to create a merciless romance. Bring it to the spot with your eyes closed. Say what you want most to make all her dreams come true. Let me open my eyes.

During the creation of the board, please do not sit on the sidelines, they say, you have done your job – let it yourself. It is important that you get your overall dream map. Otherwise, it simply won’t work – you will certainly get bored of fulfilling other people’s dreams. Also, be sure to photograph the process. The girl will most likely be pleased to share on social networks what a creative and caring partner she has.


There are two options – choose a program in the salon or arrange a spa at home or in a hotel room. Of course, the interior is much easier. On the other hand, if you are at home or in a hotel room, you can make love at any time. So take a look at what services spas offer and consider what you can do at home.

Romantic date for the wife to propose to her. Suitable for spouses only!

Why is this proposal made to a girl only once in a lifetime? Not fair! We invite you to repeat the marriage proposal. Let it look like a regular trip to a restaurant at first. More precisely, let the restaurant be wonderful in itself and as if you came for it. And then suddenly propose. You can classically – go down on one knee in front of her and ask: “But now, already knowing what I really am (you can add details), would you marry me?” Or it can be unusual. For example, ask the waiter to bring a platter of strawberries. But instead of one of the strawberries, there will be a red case with a ringlet. Now here are three adventure ideas girls can do for their men. And if before that there were more romantic ideas, then we will continue to move towards eroticism.