Are you looking for an extraordinary business marketing strategy that will bring some high-quality leads and better conversion rates? A strategy that brings better revenue to your business by conveying your product or service description in a simple but entertaining manner? If this is the case, no one can serve you better than an expert explainer video company

A good explainer video production company will work step-wise to convey your production description in the most effective way to your clients. A video is assumed to have the brand humanizing power. It simple educates your client, promotes your service or products, along with entertaining the customer. The right explainer video company will generate an ongoing strategy for your newbie or a growing business that will sell like crazy.

Excited to know how explainer video production companies work? Below are the basic steps that are summarized to convey the procedure in an easy-to-understand manner. Read till the end to decide what better marketing strategy you can opt for to generate better revenue.

The steps followed by an expert explainer video company are:

The first step taken by the best video explainer production company is to undergo a project questionnaire. In this step, the company sends a questionnaire to the client that is meant to gather all the important information about the product or service to be marketed. A good explainer video company will also go through your brand guideline to craft a more engaging explainer video.

The second step is all about writing the video script. Explainer video production companies hire expert video scriptwriters to get the job done of writing an ideal script per client’s demands the provided questionnaire. Once the video script is ready, it is sent to the client for approval or any editing needed. Professional explainer video companies will warmly welcome all the feedback and work upon for a client’s satisfaction. 

The next step is to create a storyboard based on the approve video script. Storyboard comprises of rough sketches of scenes along with action notes that describe how the animation will work. Again, this storyboard is sent back to the client for approval. Clients’ approval on each stage is the top-most priority for an expert explainer video company. 

The voice-over arrives on the fourth step. Voice over, storyboard, and scriptwriting work parallel to each other. Any feedback from the client on the one affects the other two. For this purpose, the explainer video production company keeps the voice over job beyond the other two. Once the storyboard is approved, the selected voice over artists is approved by the customer. Whether the client wants a native accent voice-over artist from UK, USA, or Australia, all are available to serve. 

In the next step, the graphic designing, animation process, and illustrations are carried out according to the storyboard. 

In the sixth step, the explainer video company head towards adding background music or sound effects. This nearly-ready video is again sent to the client for approval.

Once approved, here comes the last step, the final delivery. A final explainer video in MP4 and MOV formats is delivered to the client that is compatible with all browsers and devices.