No matter what Chinese recipe you like the most; you’re likely to find many restaurants severing the delicacies from the Far East. Most Chinese fine dining restaurants infuse authentic Chinese flavours that various Asian chefs bring from their home country.

Most foodies love Chinese cuisine that includes many interesting staple ingredients like vegetables, rice, sauces, noodles and seasonings. All thanks to some authentic Chinese restaurants in Dubai, you can enjoy the rich flavours and addictive taste of Asian food in the heart of the UAE itself. Here is a list of some of the noteworthy restaurants to visit for enjoying Chinese cuisine in Dubai:

1. Shang Palace

This eatery is a perfect blend of menu assortment, ambience, taste and hospitality. Shang Palace is one of the best restaurants offering the best Chinese cuisine in Dubai. The interiors are customized with contemporary decor, pleasant lighting and pocket-friendly but palatable meals that might force you to lick your fingers.

Must try: Poached fishes with Szechuan peppercorns

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road

2. Zheng He’s

Zheng He’s has a tasteful menu that brings a contemporary twist to the traditional Chinese dishes. It is decorated elegantly with a warm ambience to give your intimate and cosy feel while enjoying your meal. While the portion size is small, every bite is relishing and packed with flavours.

Must try: Crispy Beef Sirloin Served with Cantonese Sweet Vinegar

Location: Mina A’ Salam, Madinat Jumeirah

3. Lang Kwai Fong

The Lang Kwai Fong restaurant is a bit far away from suburb but your journey to the eatery will be worth the drive. This restaurant is known for offering the best Chinese cuisine in Dubai to food lovers. You can enjoy a meal with friends and family in a private room, along with a karaoke session.

Must try: Egg Noodles, Peking duck and Crispy Beef

Location: Oud Metha

4. Long Yin

This excellent restaurant provides a romantic ambience, along with tasteful decor to impress the diners. The restaurant’s menu has an outstanding range of food choices and every dish is packed with relishing flavours. The menu is full of filing starters and appealing main course. It is the best dining spot for people who live Cantonese delicacies and Schezwan specialities.

Must try: Prawn toast and sweet & sour chicken

Location: Garhoud

5. Shanghai Chic

This is another popular contemporary Chinese restaurant in Dubai that offers classic, authentic food with a modern twist. The dining ambience is warm and likely to increase your appetite. Each dish that’s served here is worth savouring. Furthermore, the restaurant team changes the menu every three months. While some people may crib about the small portion size, many foodies love every bite of whatever they order.

Must try: Peking duck

Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai

6. Gypsy Chinese

It is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Dubai that offers a wide range of vegetarian Chinese delicacies, along with non-vegetarian dishes. Gypsy Chinese is adored mostly by the late night crowd, as it offers food even after 11.30 PM. The good service, classy ambience and ample beverage options give another reason to diners to love this restaurant. The food is a little pricey compared to other Chinese restaurants but the overall experience makes it worth every single penny spent on your food.

Must try: Pot Rice and Chicken lollypop

Location: Mankhool