Tooth decay and cavities are among the commonest of dental problems the world over. They are also capable of leading to serious dental concerns if not treated in a timely manner. Dental fillings are used in cases where cavities or decay has impacted the teeth with signs of more trouble in future. After all, cavities have the knack of spreading further and infecting vast portions of natural teeth. So, dentists will use some materials to fill in the spaces caused by cavities and help strength the tooth. This is how the structural integrity of the teeth is maintained in the long run.

When dental fillings become necessary?

Silver alamgam or composite bonding solution is the option available to have the cavities filled and stop the spread of infection. Out of the two, the former has been in used for decades, cost less and deliver superior longevity than the latter.

Here are cases when dental fillings become important –

To treat teeth plagued by cavities or decay

To get repaired fractured teeth

To repair chipped teeth

For aesthetic reasons where the need is to change the color, shape and size of the teeth

To close the gap of front teeth and enhance the appearance of smile

Make smiles more charming by closing small gaps between the teeth

Tooth-colored fillings more in use to get natural look easily

Benefits of dental fillings treatment –

Dental fillings are perhaps the best option available to fight off the risks of cavities and stop tooth decay. The procedure is simple, does take just one setting, has no side effect and above all, costs virtually nothing.

Here are some of major benefits of dental fillings treatment –

Quick procedure

Perhaps no other dental procedure is as quick as dental fillings. They can take as little as one hour to get finished, which is incredible in true sense. You can expect even less time when only one tooth is impacted by decay. This quick nature is a major reason of their being so much popular among people to fill in gaps.

Long lasting

It’s common for people to expect dental solutions to be inexpensive and durable so that they don’t have to visit dentists over and again and shell out money repeatedly. This is where dental fillings help as they can last long between 5 to 12 years. So, less time with dental fillings and their longevity is a relief for people plagued by cavities.


Dental filling cost is something you needn’t worry about much for two reasons – first, the cost in well within the reasonable limit and second, insurance companies cover the cost. So, you can enjoy the freedom and get fillings to fight off cavities with ease.


Looks matter so people trust fillings are they are capable of ensuring a natural appearance in most cases. There are tooth-colored filling restorations that deliver great results and ensure naturalness of the highest order. So, you can get them filled in and get a confidence appearance for sure.