Powdered gloves are not used these days by the dentist as they can lead to patient sensitivity or some patients might have allergies to powdered gloves. That is the reason why gloves are powdered free. But what is the difference between the two styles?

Powder-Free Gloves: They are made by undergoing a basic process known as chlorination that gives latex gloves less form fighting. That is why it is the best dental line cleaner among others. In a further process, gloves are treated with a chlorine solution, rinsed with water, and dried to remove the powdered residue and latex proteins to make it powder-free.

Powdered Gloves: Powered gloves are made by adding cornstarch that make it easier to put on and also prevents gloves from sticking together. But the disadvantage is when powdered gloves are worn for a long period it can cling to user’s skin and cause sensitivities or allergies.

the above reasons make a difference between both the gloves. But it is always best to use powdered free gloves that are safe for your clients. Further, these gloves are more expensive than powdered one but are safe.

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