One of the most frustrating moments in life is when we realize that we need to find a job! It’s such a moment when we reach out to everyone because the sense of urgency is high. That’s when most of us trust the executive search firms to ask for help in finding a new job. But we have to realize that most of the executive search firms aren’t exactly looking for such job seekers as they emphasis more on finding quality candidates that their clients are seeking presently. If you think you’re constantly getting ignored by the executive search firms, then keep reading.

The leadership consulting firms are one of the major gateways to approximately 1, 00, 000 senior or mid-level job opportunities worldwide. You have to keep in mind that the clients of these firms are companies with a specific requirement. The success of the recruiter is depended on finding the appropriate candidate for their clients and doing it real quick. The leadership consulting firms proactively identify the candidates whom they feel like their clients will hire or need for that particular role.

Recruiters are usually so short on time and they are constantly receiving so many resumes that most of them cannot go through their screening stage. For example, if any of them open the resume and if it does not catch their eye, then it won’t make it into their database. You have to make sure you have the best resume. Keep it simple and clean. After sending your resume, you must follow-up with them over phone and e-mail every month to see if any position or similar role is available for you.

If you want to approach the recruiter successfully then you must know the art of selling yourself by giving them what they need and it’s not always your CV! Generally, the executive search firms focus on a specific industry, field or region to get that level of expertise which will make them more efficient. Start off by recognizing each and every leadership consulting firm in your area, industry, region, and field. Learn how to introduce yourself impeccably and professionally. After that, let them know your area of expertise, and provide any information that they need to close that particular position. Make sure that you’re not being a passive candidate! Just stay highly active by letting them know how you can add value and what you know! From there, focus on building a relationship with them with regular interactions. Make it more valuable by having interaction regarding the current trends that are affecting the industries where you have expertise. This will make you noticeable and the recruiter will remember you.

Work on understanding their specific challenges and priorities. Stay attentive and seek ways to help the recruiters in your network, such as referring candidates, offering industry insights and recommending them to several companies that might use their services. Enrich your knowledge constantly to stay top of the game and this way you’ll be able to seize the opportunities that come your way.