Some people say that a picture describes more than a thousand words. A proof for that is all the social media on the network. For example, Instagram is the fastest growing social platform in the last few years and firstly it was made as an application for sharing videos and images. Now Instagram is a platform for communication, business improvement and also Instagram created a whole new business category that gives the chance to everyone on the platform to earn money from it. It is related with people who have managed to gain followers on Instagram. Some people also get real Instagram followers by suppliers. Maybe all of you have already guessed what we are talking about – if not it is about influencers. However, the number of followers is not the most important thing to be a successful influencer. The person should also manage to engage their audience with good and quality content in order to create a loyal public that has trust in them.

For many brands and companies, collaborating with influencers is the best option to reach a bigger audience and increase their sales. Influencers are people on social platforms that have a huge and loyal audience that would buy from them the products they are promoting. Recently influencers are considered to be the most powerful tool and marketing strategy for advertising. They can really boost any kind of business and increase brand awareness. Influencers are increasing their role in social media marketing constantly. People these days prefer to buy a product from a person they trust instead of buying it if they see a commercial on television for example.

Influencers can really be useful for any marketing goals, however companies and brands should choose the right influencer to collaborate with. The chosen influencer should match the brand target audience and marketing objective in order to achieve the best results. Companies and brands should look for influencers that have their own loyal public and of course they have to have the ability to influence their followers. The main goal of this type of advertising is to make the brand or the mark more recognizable for as many people as possible. There are many different types of influencers – for beauty, clothing, video games, traveling and many more. This kind of advert came recently on the stage of marketing strategies and there are still many companies and brands that do not believe in this method. However, those who tried this type of commercial noticed that the engagement percent of their customers has increased and they have gained many more new customers. The engagement percentage represents the ability of the brand or the company to create a long-lasting relationship with its customers.

In fact it is not an easy task to find the right influencer to collaborate with. That is why, recently on the market appeared websites and platforms that can help the business sector to choose the right influencer to work with, depending on the target audience, the type of the product they offer and the location and the demographics of the audience. The number of followers that any influencer has is also very important – the more – the best, but it is also very important that the audience answers the brand’s needs and goals.

More and more business companies started to prefer to promote their campaigns with the support of influencers. Their rapidly growing power in social marketing now is a really strong advertising tool that can boost any kind of business very much.