For thousands of years, humans have been attracted to the shine and allure of two precious metals: gold and silver. In fact, these metals were buried with Egyptian kings to ensure luxury followed into the afterlife. Later they were used as currency, eventually becoming integral elements in traditional religious ceremonies. While gold has always been the king of precious metals, silver has been relegated to the second position—it’s the poor man’s gold. But such thinking is not accepted by everyone! Personally, I prefer silver jewelry over gold. The Egyptians as well preferred silver over gold; in fact, it was considered to be the bones of the Egyptian gods. Some pharaohs made their sarcophaguses completely out of silver! Here are some reasons to explain why many people love silver over gold:

1. Silver Has Health Benefits:

In the medieval world, silver was the preferred metal for cutlery among royalty because of its perceived ability to detect arsenic, a poison that was common in the Middle Ages. Silver has also been used for its antimicrobial properties—it helps fight infections, heal wounds, and even prevent colds. Silver is known for its internal heat regulation, and wearing silver jewelry improves blood circulation, maintains body temperature, and improves the immune system. Medieval surgical equipment was made out of silver specifically because of silver’s healing qualities.

2. Silver Jewelry Is Affordable:

Since silver is inexpensive, it’s easy to buy a collection of silver jewelry. You could either buy full silver or gold-plated silver bracelets and necklaces. When compared to gold or platinum, sterling silver is 40 times cheaper and doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance. With silver jewelry, you can accessorize to look great for any occasion—silver pieces are perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Silver Is Versatile:

Unlike gold, silver jewelry can be worn at all occasions. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a dinner date or your child’s PTA meeting—silver jewelry can make you look elegant. With gold, you run the risk of overdoing it and looking gaudy. You could even mix your silver jewelry with white gold or platinum for some added effect. In fact, silver isn’t just popular for budget-conscious individuals but for jewelry designers as well. Classic, Italian designer jewelry like silver bracelets, silver necklaces, and charm bracelets are timeless.

4. Silver Is Durable:

Fine silver does not make good jewelry, and such is why jewelers prefer sterling silver: it contains around 92.5 percent silver with the other 7.5 percent being metal alloys. Unlike gold or platinum, you don’t have to worry about breaking or safekeeping. Some silver pieces even become family heirlooms.

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