It is worth paying more for Colop stamps. You get full value, benefit of customisation and a wide range to choose from.

Think of rubber stamps and you have plenty of choices. There are stamp makers in the unorganized sector selling cheap stamps for general use. Then there is the middle layer occupied by a few brands, mostly local. You do get good products that deliver sharp impressions and durability too but choices are limited. Then there are brands at the top, mostly global, offering the very best in rubber stamps with a huge range and plenty of customisable options. Colop stamps falls in this category. It stands shoulder to shoulder with brands such as Trodat. It is more expensive but then it is worth the cost.

Colop, a trusted brand

Colop is in business since 1980 with manufacturing facility covering 9500 square metres in Wels and 3700 square metres in Borovany. It has 15 affiliates across the world. More to the point is the fact that Colop stamps offer a guaranteed life of 1000,000 operations. This means when you buy a Colop product it will last for 5 to 10 years or even more. The brand is trusted by top corporate users worldwide and with good reasons.

Customisable options

Users have access to the widest range of Colop custom stamp, especially in the self-inking segment. You will find metal framed self-inking stamps for general in-office use. Executives will like the compact and neat appearance of the Printer models. There is no mess when you have a Colop inside your briefcase. What users will like is the range of sizes from 12mm x 12mm, to 24mm x 24mm square to 24mm round and larger 47mm x 18mm as well as 59mm x 23mm and larger. You can have single colour self-inking stamp, two colour type and adjustable date stamps. Customising the stamp with your company logo or fonts of your choice is easy since Colop works through retailers who offer design facility online and fast delivery through local manufacturing process.

Sharp, clear, professional impressions

Durability, choices and performance are important no doubt. Sharp, clear and professional impressions are just as important, especially for top executives in large business enterprises. In this respect too Colop stamps stand out. The rubber is high grade and precision cut with a laser to assure sharp impressions even when the font size is as small as 8 point. It is not just the rubber that gives sharp impression. The ink and the pad do their bit towards delivering impressions that bolster your brand.

Ease of use and replacements/refills

Buy cheap stamps and you will have to throw them away after some time. Colop stamps last for years. Each part is precision made to tight tolerance and it shows in the way you can operate the stamp with minimum effort. It is normal to expect wear and tear. The ink dries out or you will need to replace the pad. You can order these from Colop associates in your country. It is easy to re-ink the pad or replace it. Your stamp will work for years.

Combine durability with priceless impressions and you get value in Colop stamps. You pay more but spread the cost across years and it works out to be lower than buying and discarding stamps every six months.

Buy Custom & Self Inking Rubber Stamps Online

StampStore is the Australian affiliate of Colop and offers a range of Colop custom stamps shipped directly to users across the country.