Today the number of smoking teenagers increases rapidly, together with the rates of potential lung cancer patients. However, the risk of getting serious disease does not stop the smokers. Thus, the issue of smoking is rather controversial since there are numerous pros and cons arguments that remain relevant since the time when people discovered the tobacco and place with the writing help

All negative consequences of smoking are more or less obvious: possible cancer, offensive breath, bad teeth, etc. Thus, it is better to analyze the reasons why smoking attracts the teenagers. Firstly, smoking makes teenagers feel grown-ups. Many adults smoke and teenagers just imitate their behavior. Secondly, smoking helps to relax. Due to a dose of nicotine which cigarettes contain, the process of smoking helps to weaken a nervous tension and forget about the problems for some time. In fact, it is a mini-escape from reality. Thirdly, the smoking break has become some kind of tradition, even a time for communication. Non-smoking teenager finds him/ herself out of communication among his/ her smoking friends, including the gregarious instinct and desire to follow the crowd. It is true that there are a huge number of smokers all over the world. The gregarious instinct is one of the basic human instincts. Thus, the total amount of smokers, especially, adults is the main warrant of expansion of this phenomenon.

To summarize all the above mentioned, all the arguments for smoking are based on unshaped individual skills and lack of self-confidence that it is inherent for the majority of teenagers. Thus, all arguments for smoking are considered to be insufficiently justified and unconvincing. The phenomenon of smoking among both teenagers and adults is caused by various human complexes. However, the problem of smoking in modern society remains relevant and most likely would not be solved in the nearest future.