Google works with innovation in mind and therefore hires the professionals who will lead the way in innovation in the coming years and can write my essay easily. This is why the company’s job opportunities are pointed to as the jobs of the future.

To work in the company implies to earn great remunerations, which can hardly be found in other companies. This applies to programmers as well as engineers, data scientists and all professionals who work at Google.

In recent years, these high salaries have become a problem for the company. Faced with large profits, some of its best professionals have begun to use this money to create their own companies and leave the ranks of Google, and even retire early using the savings they can generate with their high salaries.

It seems like a strange idea, doesn’t it? But if you think about it for a second, it does make some sense. In short, money allows the ex-Google workers to follow whatever project they want, and so the idea of giving up a job that everyone wants to get is not so crazy for them.

This shows that the loss of talent, it seems, does not only affect small businesses. Worldwide fame or recognition will not always be a guarantee of retaining talent, even with continuous measures to seek the happiness of workers on and off the job and with constant challenges to be faced.