“Oh my God, why won’t this website load already? It’s been more than a minute!!”

If you’re someone who has ever said these words or heard someone say them, chances are you’ve been at the end of trying to access a website with a poor load speed.

They say, “Time is money,” and if you waste it, you lose money.

For example, you own an e-commerce store, and it’s successful.

However, lately, you’ve been losing customers. So, you check your analytical reports and find out it’s because of your website’s speed.

Every time a customer has to waste their time, you lose money.

This also indicates that your website needs some improvements.

Why Is Website Speed Important?

You do not want to lose loyal and new customers ever. Period. If customers decide not to look your way that could hurt your brand and your revenue, making it hard for you to survive.

Think About Your Buyers

People shop online to save time, avoid traffic, and for maximum ease.

But if your website doesn’t cooperate, they would rather hit the mall or shop from another website. Yikes! We definitely don’t want that.

Your business will only boom if buyers want to shop from your website.

A slow website is a turn off for buyers because they’re impatient.

To entertain that impatience, you need to make sure your website can cater to them in the best possible way.

A study found that 40% of online buyers don’t wait for a website to load for more than three seconds.

The stats suggest how important speed is for your website moving forward.

Google Hates A Slow Website

You’re probably wondering only users hate a slow website…Think again!

Google and other search engines despise slow websites more than a user…in fact, they have the power to detect a slow website and disregard it even before a user lands on your website.

Yikes! That sounds scary. Imagine all the late sittings and hard work you put into building your website, and Google decides in a second that your website is worth nothing.

Nobody wants that!

Back in 2010, Google added site speed as a ranking signal in their algorithm, and the addition continues to thrive. Did you know your website load speed plays a major role in whether your website ranks in the top ten or twenty?

That makes having a fast website even more crucial and important!

Although Google is just a bot, it understands that redirecting a user to a slow website will disrupt the user experience, which could badly reflect on Google too!

It’s basically looking out for itself, and as a business owner, you should too!

But don’t worry! You can also outsource your web development. There are literally thousands of top-notch web development service providers like Cydomedia ready to optimize your site for the greater good.

In Conclusion

A slow website is a turn off for users and Google, and it’s better to work on your website speed now before it’s too late. Good luck with your website!