If you are unable to receive/send emails from your Android phone, it may be due to the Gmail not syncing the Android problem. This error will cause Gmail not to function properly and restrict the Gmail user from using the essential Gmail functions. If you using an Android cell phone and facing the Gmail sync error, you would want the answer to why is my Gmail not syncing on my phone.

Fixing Gmail not syncing on your Android phone

1. Click on the Gmail app to open it on your Android phone.

2. Go to the menu section of your Gmail app.

3. The menu section is marked as a three-bar icon.

4. Under the menu, visit the Settings option.

5. You will see your account name. Click on it.

6. Check the box for the Sync Gmail option under the Data usage section of your Gmail account.

7. Ensure that your Android device is online or connected to a strong WiFi connection. The Gmail sync will only take place if your Android phone has a good internet connection.

8. Also, make sure your Android phone is not in airplane mode. The airplane mode will restrict the data services, and thus, your Gmail will not be able to sync.

9. You can also check the password of your Gmail account. If there is a password error with your Gmail app, your Gmail won’t synchronize.

10. Open the Playstore to update your Gmail app to the latest version. Using an outdated app will create syncing problems.

You can try any of the tips mentioned below to check which one solves your Gmail syncing problem.

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