If you are planning to buy an air conditioner, then most probably the first question which comes to your mind is whether to buy a split ac or a window ac? We are here to help you make the right decision. This article explains briefly why split air conditioners are a better option to choose.   

One of the prime reasons is that split air conditioners are a new technology that consumes less power and cools down room temperature at fast speed. It is the reason why many people prefer buying split over window air conditioners, as they know that split ac will help them maintain the long-term cost factor.  

There are many different brands available in the market, which manufactures split air conditioners. But Haier air conditioners should be your first choice. Haier air conditioners are the most reliable and have a lot of different features in them. Moreover, Haier’s smart inverter is one of the top-selling ac models in the Pakistani market today. Also, Haier provides a range of affordable inverter prices in Pakistan.  

Now let us move towards the main content of our topic. 

Inverter Choose Split AC over Window AC? 

Everyone these days prefers buying Haier air conditioners for perfect cooling in homes and offices. Here are some of the most prime points that make split air conditioners a better choice over window air conditioners.  


Cost is one of the major factors people consider while buying an air conditioner. Although the price of window air conditioners is less expensive than that of split air conditioners, you cannot say they are cost-effective. Window air conditioners consume a lot of pf power which raises your electricity bills, whereas split air conditioners are long term support. They are a bit expensive but save power up to 66% reducing the electricity bills. In short, the cost of Haier smart inverter evens out by the reduction in electricity bills.  


Window air conditioners are quite loud, and the compressor is the main reason for that. On the other hand, split air conditioners are silent. The reason is that, in split air conditioners, there are two different units, one inside the room and the other outside the room. The compressor is outside so the atmosphere remains noise-free.  

Cooling Capacity:  

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner depends mainly on its tonnage. But the place where the air conditioners are mounted also plays an important role. Split air conditioners are mounted high on the walls of the room, and help cool down the atmosphere in less amount of time. Whereas, window air conditioners are mounted in the window area, and do not lower the room temperature at a fast pace. Moreover, window air conditioners have a limitation, that they are not available in size more than 2 tons. On the other hand, Haier split air conditioners are available in different tonnages.  


Another reason why the split air conditioner is better than window air conditioners is the space requirement. Window air conditioners typically demand more space than a split air conditioner. The reason is that window ac is a single unit. You have to make a hole in the wall to adjust ac in a unique way that its front portion faces towards the room, and the back is outside. On the other hand, split air conditioners have two units. One unit is inside the room, and the other is outside the room. It gives the flexibility to mount it on any side of the wall we want.  

Energy Efficient: 

The energy efficiency ratio is the amount of cooling an air conditioner provides per unit/watt of electricity. The energy efficiency of air conditioners is determined by the number of units an ac consumes. Usually, air conditioners have a star rating on them. A 5-star rating means it will cool down the room temperature in the most energy-efficient manner.  

Also, these 5-star ratings are available mostly on the split air conditioners. So, if you are looking for the most energy-efficient air conditioner, then Haier smart inverter ac should be your only choice.


One of the difficult tasks is the maintenance of an air conditioner. Window air conditioners require periodic maintenance, and it is expensive. The reason is that it is a single unit and the maintenance person has to take out the entire window ac and then check for the issues. Whereas, the split air conditioner has two units, and it is easy to identify a problematic point in it. Also, as window air conditioners are not in common use nowadays, so, the people who have the expertise to maintain them are also becoming less in number, making maintenance costly.