MBBS in Armenia is also a fantastic option for the Indian Medical aspirants. The appeals are Low MBBS class fee, high clinical vulnerability, quality medical instruction, modern infrastructure, and nicely equipped labs. A student must undertake no entry test to be able to get an entry in leading medical universities in Armenia, making entrance procedures quite compact and comfortable.

Universities in Armenia

The University of Conventional Medicine

Yerevan Haybusak University


  1. MCI recognizes the Armenian Amount in Medicine, and legal internationally is a matter of fantastic advantage for the Indian pupil. It is likely to reunite and practice in India after emptying the licensing examination.
  2. English is the medium of Education. That does away with analyzing a foreign language as a preparatory into the essential expert class.
  3. Armenian Faculties are much better than private medical schools in India.
  4. No IELTS/TOEFL needed for entrance into Medical Institutions in Armenia.
  5. Armenia has a friendly academic and social atmosphere.
  6. Armenian medical universities have been recorded in MCI.


  1. Needing to look for the screening evaluation to get the license may be a drawback for some pupils, but not all
  2. The class length spans six years, making it lengthy.
  3. Practicals are on Dummy, thus reducing the abundance of direct experience.
  4. Less Clinical Rotation which may also affect the hands-on experience in comparison with areas of learning everywhere.