Zanzibar Island is a good place for those hoping to make a historical, cultural and eco-tourism beach near and around East of Africa.

As a historical destination, Zanzibar refreshes your mind of what it was like for the ancient Arabs, Indians, Persians, European and Chinese travelers who toured the area while on trade. There are so many historical architectures with their distinct styles, which make Zanzibar a better destination than most of the nearby cities.

Zanzibar also hosts ruins and remnant structures that tell a story of the ancient empires and kingdoms. The mosques, Omani palaces, the old fort and cannons remind you of the Sultan’s statehood. You can rent a car in Zanzibar from Zanzibar car hire companies to take you to different attractions.

These structures also shine a light to the traditions of Zanzibarians.

Talking about history and culture, Zanzibar Island’s capital Stone Town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place is a great choice for those fascinated by history and the structures will remind you of the colonial advent on the island.

If you are a nature enthusiast, Zanzibar has too much for you to have even after making several tours to the area. Its natural wonders set it apart from any other island and seaside destination in Africa, with its virgin beaches and their unspoilt, pristine white sands. There is more to think about: the lush tropical vegetation, which is what many looking for beauty and tranquility would want to see, and the scintillating turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean.


The stretched beach is characterized by a number of things including quaint sisal daybed, palm trees, coconut trees, soft breezes, tides, and tropical sun skimming on the ocean waves. We do not fail to mention the reefs and coral formations. It is a place you would want to be if interested in a quiet atmosphere at the beach and you get good Zanzibar apartments for rent. 

More for the nature wanders are the captivating marine life in Zanzibar. You get also to admire the fauna of the Jozani Forest Reserve and the red Columbus monkey habitats.

Besides, Zanzibar was greatly influenced by Swahili. Swahili is evident in the intricate carved doors and latticed windows of houses. You get to admire old houses crafted with coral limestone and labyrinth lanes that lead to market stalls that made the shopper’s paradise in the past. Here, you can buy different kinds of stuff. You can again rent a car in Zanzibar from Zanzibar car hire companies and visit each of these places.

There are unique cuisines, semantics, fruit and spices, furniture styles, the fabrics, the gorgeous hand-crafted artifacts and jewelry in the marketplace, which you should carry on your way back home for the memories.

There is a lot for those who love seafood, meat, vegetables and succulent fruits.

You can contact a tour guide to guide you in regard to the different specific locations you can visit while on tour to the Zanzibar Island. There is a lot that you can do once you land. Besides, there is a good selection of places you can stay. You can research or reach out for help from tour guides about places where you can get affordable : Zanzibar apartments for rent while on the Island.