Manual dispensers seem great and more impressive for all of us. But aesthetics is not the only priority while you buy something, in this Pandemic safety is most important. Practically it does take a tiny bit of extra effort to let you release the sanitizer using your foot, allowing a hands-free distribution.

How To Use Foot-operated Sanitizer Dispenser?

You don’t have to charge batteries or need the power to use the zap tap manual dispenser. It’s manual, a person just needs to press the dispenser with the foot and the sanitizer will automatically come out without touching their hands.

The dispenser is easy to move and place anywhere you want outside a shop, restaurant, mall office, etc. making your people safe and healthy.

zap tap manual dispenser

Is It Necessary To Fix It?

Not necessary, but there are fixing holes included at the base of the structure that give the option to be fixed to the surface if required at your end.

The material used to make the zap tap manual dispenser?

ZapTap sanitizer dispenser is made up of high-grade stainless steel that can handle any conditions. It can accommodate sanitizer up to 7 litres and can be easily refilled. It has proven to be a perfect solution for every problem.

Wrapping up:

The dispenser is must if you have a commercial business or a society to keep yourself and your people safe from any situation. If you are looking for the best quality sanitizer dispenser visit Tuff Hand, they have dispensers at the best price.