Steam Cleaning is an old method of cleaning that was used 150 years back in the cleaning of machines that had been covered by the grease and oil. It first started in Italy by an Italian boiler manufacturers around 1965-1975. After that it took its place in railways, Ships and other vehicle engines.

Today, it has become one of the most efficient and effective way to make your houses tidy, dirt free and germ free. It’s known to be the most efficient way of cleaning because of its non-toxic cleaning qualities. To understand this process more read this blog completely. Here we are going to discuss the reasons why you should opt for Steam Cleaner and how to use it.

Steam cleaning provides you a lot of benefits but one of the most noticeable is that it can kill 99.99% germs without emitting any kind of environment harming substances. It’s possible because of the heating efficiency it provides you with the chemicals. You can use this method of cleaning all of your house without choosing any eco-harming substance.

The Way Steam Cleaners Work

The usage is really simple and efficient. The heat of the vapors that are quite small molecules get into the dirt and pulls out the substances like oil, grease, dirt and etc. It gives you a stain free surface and the heat also kills a large amount of bacteria germs and insects that are residing in your house surface, it’s all possible just with simple water. If you add any sanitization or other cleaning chemical in the steam cleaning. It gives you 99.99% clean surface.

Where Can I Use Steam Cleaner?

Steam Cleaner mechanism can be used on multiple surfaces but different attachments are required for different surfaces and that depends on your cleaner, what options it has to use the attachments. If you are finding such steam cleaners for sale that are good at different attachments you can find them on Ecologicx. You will get the best quality cleaners at a very affordable prices. You will be able to use such steam cleaners on surfaces like hardwood floors and sealed tile, sinks, tubs, grout, countertops, mattresses, carpets, upholstery, ovens, stove tops, showers, grills, glass, and Etc.

Where Can’t I Use Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaner doesn’t come with too many don’ts but there are some surfaces that need another method of cleaning because steam cleaning may harm these. The Steam cleaners should not be used on laminated floors as it can melt plastic and can wrap the unsealed floors. The list of such surfaces that shouldn’t get steam cleaned includes: the windows that are covered with ice are too cold as the sudden change in the temperature may break the glass, uncovered tiles as they may get unfit, walls that are colored by the water based paints as the paint will disembogue while cleaning it and other surfaces that require a bit care.

What to Look For When Buying a Steam Cleaner

People buy the cleaners without knowing the features from any of the steam machine sale for a bit of low price but, they ignore the fact that it won’t be useful for them at all.

And it’s going to be an entire waste of money. Ecologicx has a great list for you to see while purchasing a steam cleaner for your house, office or etc.

• Functions: The attachments are the most important part of the machine as it allows you to use the machine on different surfaces, before buying a machine ask the seller to give you assurance that you are getting all the required attachments for the work you need it. So that, it can be your best home cleaning partner.

• Warm-up time: If you want a device that doesn’t wastes your much time in cleaning, and doesn’t increases your electric bills then chose a machine that has a warm-up time of less than a min this would save you from putting machine on wait for long periods.

• Tank size: The most annoying thing while cleaning from a steam cleaner is to refill the water again and again after short intervals. Because it’s not only the refill you have to do, it will also take another round of warm-up after getting refilled. Therefore, always chose an option that has a capacity of containing large amounts of water.

• Heat: The amount of the heat matters a lot, it should be at least 200 degrees because the water needs to get hotter for the effective cleaning and sanitization and it also provides you with drier steam that allows you to use your cleaner on multiple surfaces without damaging them.

• Price: Don’t compromise on the price of the product as its going to be one time investment that will provide you with, a trusted warranty, long lasting life and best customer services.