Here are just a few of the reasons people keep deciding on us

#1 Promotion

No one has a more wide-ranging advertising program than NBP. Our coverage includes television, radio, newspaper, and local magazine advertising. We also feature extensive internet marketing exposure on sites such as,,,, Trulia, and dozens others, as well as extensive use of social media like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about our listings.

Your benefit: Your home gets seen first by the maximum number of people, and rented first to the best available candidate.

#2 Selection

No one works harder than NBP to find the very best tenant for your property. A major benefit of our extensive advertising campaign is the first choice it gives you in potential residents. From there we use a variety of background and credit checking services to insure that anyone we select for any of our properties has passed our thorough requirements.

Your Benefit: We start you out on the right foot with proven qualified tenants.

#3 Service

A certain way to turn a good tenant into a bad one is to not fix their problems. A simple, bad situation can turn horrible if you don’t take care of small issues before they become large ones. That’s what we do here. Actively manage your home to insure that all aspects of the lease are being taken care of, and all parties are doing what they agreed to. We offer 24/7 maintenance and repair service to handle pretty much anything that can happen. Do you have your own contractors? That’s fine with us too.

Your benefit: Well cared for tenants pay on time and respect the property they live in.

#4 Great Rates

Because of the economies of scale our size and volume provides us, we can pass along those savings to you by both offering you one of the most competitive management rates around, as well as terrific savings on any repairs or legal work that may be required on your property. Not only is our monthly rate one of the lowest, but NBP does not mark up any repair work or charge for lease renewals. There are no surprises with us.

Your benefit: You get to enjoy maximum income from your rental investment

Whether you have a single home or a large complex, our maintenance team stands ready to handle any repair, our legal team protects your rights as an owner and our accounting team sees to it that you get accurate, computerized monthly statements. Direct deposit into your bank account is also available. Maybe you love the income and tax advantages of owning rental property but are tired of the tenant hassles, or maybe you need a vacation. We are here to help insure your peace of mind and protect the assets you worked so hard to acquire.