Contextual advertising technology provider Quigo Technologies announced on Wednesday it inked a licensing agreement with Overture Services (Quote, Company Info).

With this offer, Overture use Quigo’s AdSonar to rear its very own home grown technology which forces its Content Match contextual advertising product.

Quigo, a 30-person startup located in New York, unites the qualitative and qualitative approaches to find out the content of a site and its best matched key word advertisements. AdSonar utilizes an individual editor to prepare relevancy boundaries because of its own semantic algorithm, which learns a niche site’s features and builds a record of information regarding the website.

“Google will not do so,” explained Michael Yavonditte, Quigo’s leader and a former executive in AltaVista. “We teach the artificial intelligence

Neither Yavonditte nor Overture will detail the way Quigo would match Overture’s own algorithmic tech employed in Content Match.

For large pieces of things they can not do , we’re planning to do this,” Yavonditte explained.

Since its launching in late June, Content Match has played with a match of catchup using Google’s AdSense, begun four weeks past.

Both search titans aspire to expand the outrageous reputation of search in to articles pages by simply matching the articles of a page for their various troves of marketers. Google boasts over 100,000 advertisers; Overture accounts 95,000.

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