Magento is an open-source content management system for eCommerce web sites and it offers valuable eCommerce solutions to help businesses grow online. And Google Shopping is a platform that allows customers to search for, compare, and view products. If you have a Magento powered website or store and if you want to avail Magento Google Shopping integration services then you must hire a company that can provide you with premium quality services. This article will help you understand why you should choose Magento Google Shopping Actions integration the pointers are as follows:

1. Synchronization:

The Magento Google Shopping Actions integration will allow you to synchronize your product listings between your Magento store and the Google Shopping Actions. Synchronizing the product listings will ensure that the products are correctly modified in both the platforms. Besides, there is an auto-synchronization feature that will automatically synchronize your product listings, orders, refund, returns, pricing, inventory, etc. between your Magento store and Google Shopping Actions.

2. Revenue generation:

The Magento and Google Shopping Actions integration will increase your product visibility and for that, you will be introduced with a wide range of customers. And the increase in customers will automatically boost your business and thus there will also be an increase in your revenue earning. Increasing revenue generation is the main aim or goal for many businesses and this integration can help you in achieving this goal.

3. Map the desired product category:

The Magento Google Shopping Actions integration follows many to one category mapping vision. This means you can create many product categories according to your desire and then map the product category to the Magento store. It will be automatically submitted to the single category of Google Shopping Actions.

4. Order management is easy:

You can easily manage your Google Shopping orders on your Magento store without any hassle. You also don’t have to make any changes to the operational functionalities for this.

5. Upload products in bulk:

Your Magento store integration with Google Shopping Actions will be beneficial because you can upload innumerable numbers of products on Google Shopping Actions. You just have to enable the bulk product upload feature which is available on the Google Shopping Actions.

Magento and Google Shopping Action integration can be extremely beneficial for your business growth. If you have a Shopify store then you can choose Shopify Google Shopping integration to avail of all the benefits.