There are two different approaches to case studies.

A successful case study focuses on a real-life situation where existing problems need to be solved. It must relate theory to a practical situation; for example, the ideas and knowledge covered in the course or research paper must be applied to the practical situation in the case study.

Identify the problems.

Select the main problems in the case study.

Propose solutions to these main problems.

Propose the best solution to be implemented.

Explain how this solution should be implemented.

1. Before writing a case study, think about the problem of the research. You may choose the field which is interesting to you and it will be the advantage because you will improve your writing process and will work more energetically and with the feeling of excitement. Having chosen the problem, brainstorm, or find an appropriate case site. The case site is the place where the “case” occurred. It can be a firm, university, company and you have to connect the problem with the case site. If you manage to find the case from the real-life connected with your problem, it will be a success. Try to find the case, which is the exact one, which you want to write. When I think of the original case, I try to find my way into the heart of the problem and there I try to find real feelings.

Once the case finds the form. Usually, the case is written in a specific form. So you must choose the right form for your research. It is simple and helpful. In my opinion, “The Case Form” is the best form for the problem of research. I’m glad to have such a form for my projects.

What is the most important thing you want to get out of writing a case study?

Read more case studies and find the best case study you can. Write all possible approaches to solve your problem. You will gain more useful material and knowledge in the study. Write everything you can.

2. Writing case studies remember to collect enough data to know about the topic. The more you know, the better analysis you will compose and the smarter conclusions draw. Research a topic that really interests you. Is there something you have always wanted to know about? Not only is it a good source of information, but it also gets you the real side of the subject. It may also provide you a better understanding of the topic.

Start learning to write positive business case studies by writing some case studies about your own success stories. Use these to master the language and as a guide to your future article writing.

3. In order to organize the writing process create a good and detailed case study outline. When you work with a good writer you will be able to include all details in order to make sure everything is written down as precisely as possible.

For instance, when you work with a good writer, you will also be able to determine when you will make changes, including those to your original description, and at what pace. And since you need to make those changes, you need to prepare everything beforehand. Plan your work carefully, divide the paper into logical chapters and follow the outline strictly to show you are able to think logically, and compose your thoughts into good order.

4.A case study paper is not just writing, you have to use different methods for the research. The best variant here will be the method of the interview. Go to the representatives of the firms or schools and ask a list of questions valuable for the research. You can have that info in written form but if you need that audio or video, do not forget it. In the interview with the representatives of the firms, make sure you tell them everything you know about the organization and can do good research about the product of the firm and any problem that it is facing. If there is a mobile app for the public, find out its business model, and read a review of the most used features of it.

5.Analyze the information you managed to gather. Combine it with the data collected in the library and in the Internet and make your own vision of the case. Try to be objective to analyze things soberly. When you have enough information, you are able to write the case study quite fast.