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The Xbox Console Streaming (Preview) lets users stream Xbox One games on Android Phone.

Any Xbox One games which are downloaded in your console can be streamed and played on your android device using a gaming controller.

Play games whenever and anywhere you want to.

It’s completely free; you need to log in to your Microsoft’s Xbox account and access all the Xbox One games library on your smartphone device.

Initially, this feature can be accessed by anyone who joins Xbox Insiders but on Monday, the Xbox Game Streaming app was released for everyone on Play Store.

If you want to stream and play Xbox One games on Android, you must have an Xbox One Console, an Xbox controller and strong internet connection.

After that, you need to go to the Play Store and download “Xbox Game Streaming App (Preview).

With the help of the new Xbox app, you can configure your Xbox console’s settings, install games directly to console, manage the game library and free up space.

It has been heard that you can even remote control your Xbox One console using the app.

Currently, the app is a Beta program, and you might face bugs or issues. Xbox welcomes all your feedback on it to improve it.

It is only available to download on Android phones and tablets.

Due to the App Store’s policies, Microsoft is unlikely to release it for iOS.

Remotely play your Xbox One games on Android Phone.

With the release of Xbox Streaming App for everyone, you can play Xbox One games on Android phones and tablets.

Gaming Streaming industry has boomed during the pandemic, with most of the people spending time at their home seeking for entertainment.

If you have an Xbox One console, you can easily access Xbox One games and play them on your Android device.

Yes, you can remotely play them anywhere and at any time on your mobile/tablet devices. And it’s completely free.

Initially, the Xbox Console Streaming app can be accessed by Xbox Insiders. Still, the recent updates say this feature is accessible to everyone.

It is available to download on Play Store only. Due to the App Store’s policies, iOS users need to wait a while for the release.

Now, the question is what exactly you need to stream and play Xbox One games on Android.

First, you must an Xbox One console to access the games library.

A Microsoft account with an Xbox profile.

Android device’s version should be 6.0 & above and Bluetooth version 4.0 & above.

Wi-Fi or cellular network should have a speed of minimum 10Mbps for the excellent streaming experience.

You will need a compatible wireless Xbox controller.

After that, download the Xbox Console Streaming App (Preview) from your play store, Log in your Xbox account and start playing the Xbox One games.

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