Looking for canvas prints in Pakistan or in any other part of the world, may not be an easy task. The reason is that not only paintings but paintings in any form are scarce in Pakistan. Canvases in general have a very limited market in Pakistan and most of the painting projects that you may come across will be on invitation cards. Therefore, canvas prints are not so common. This article will help you discover how to purchase canvas prints of any style and any brand from any corner of the world.

As mentioned, not many companies provide canvas printing in Pakistan. Most of the canvas printing companies in Pakistan offer canvas sizes only up to 12×24 inches. If you are looking for canvas painting in Pakistan, you are therefore advised to use a website with canvas sizes in that order. These companies will give you an idea about the prices offered by local art galleries in your area and will also give you an idea about the prices that are charged by foreign companies for canvas sizes over and above those available in Pakistan. You can get a piece of mind by knowing about the average prices paid for canvas sizes in the various countries.

One of the most expensive ways of getting a canvas portrait done in Pakistan would be to go to an artist specialized in canvas painting in Pakistan or to a gallery in Lahore. Some of the reputed galleries in Lahore have renowned artists who paint exquisite paintings on stretched canvas. Canvas sizes ranging from ten to twenty-two inches are easily available in the market. On searching, you will find that some of the reputed painting companies in Pakistan also supply canvas of different sizes. But these companies do not have a large stock of canvas and hence take the customers’ orders on a first-come-first-served basis.

Where you can buy a Painting in Pakistan?

Anybody who wants to buy a painting in Pakistan can visit an online site that offers canvas painting with suitable canvas price in Pakistan. You just need to fill an online form with some of your personal details like name, age and address to get a quotation. The quoting process is usually simple and takes hardly half an hour to perform. The customer is then requested to choose between two identical paintings of the same subject. The customer can then pay through his credit card and the painting will be delivered at the door-step of the customer.

The best way to get cheap canvas prices is to look around for a painting company or an art gallery that deals in exclusive paintings. They usually supply canvas of various sizes and shapes. To get a really good canvas price they usually offer their paintings to the clients free of cost.

Some of the reputed companies in the painting industry of Pakistan also make use of the canvas prints technique, which gives a canvas painting of excellent quality at an affordable price. These paintings are prepared after the completion of the original work. The price of printing canvas is much lower than that of frame printing. This technique is used by many art organizations to sell their paintings at lower prices.

Another method that is gaining popularity is the use of modern technology of laser printing on canvas, which gives a beautiful finish to the paintings. These pictures are available at a very low price and are suitable for customers who do not have much budget to buy expensive paintings. The printing companies usually charge the customers in the form of the shipping charge and the difference between the actual price and the price mentioned in the ad. So, if you want to buy a picture with a great finish and at an affordable price, you can give a try to this technique.


Many art organizations have their websites from where people can buy paintings from any part of the world. Some of the reputed companies in the field also provide canvas pictures of affordable prices from where one can buy them. There are many companies that specialize in the manufacturing of oil paintings, watercolors, and acrylic paintings. If you have a specific idea about the type of painting you want to buy, you can search through these sites that have a collection of the best paintings available in the market. A person can also hire an artist to paint a beautiful portrait of his or her choice on canvas at the most affordable price.